Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hello and welcome to Hoke's Mad Magicians, a blog dedicated to Michigan collegiate athletics and the University of Michigan. We have recently formed in order to give Michigan fans a better understanding about the current events and history of Michigan and its history and tradition.

The blog's name, Hoke's Mad Magicians, is in honor of the 1947 Michigan Wolverines. This 1947 team was coached by Fritz Crisler and included star athletes Bruce Hikene, Bob Chappius and Bump Elliot and ended the season oustcoring their opponents 394-53. The team was also nicknamed the "Mad Magicians" and finished the year with victories over Michigan State, Ohio State, and USC (in a 48-0 Rose Bowl victory). This win still remains as the largest margin of victory ever for a Rose Bowl game.

Now, what to expect from our blog. If you're in search of instant updates and quick news, this is probably not the best option. However, if you're looking for great breakdowns, previews, and analysis of games, recruiting, and institutional changes, look no further than Hoke's Mad Magicians. We decided on this route because much of the information circulating the Internet and fan-base today is often based on false pretenses.

There's some fantastic information on the web, but we think that Hoke's Mad Magicians will bring to light some of the most interesting coverage of Michigan athletics. Please make sure to keep following to get some great insider information and analysis.

And Go Blue!

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