Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wide Receiver Jehu Chesson Commits To Michigan

Today, Jehu Chesson from St. Louis, committed to the Wolverines to become #24 in the 2012 recruiting class.  This is a big pick-up for Michigan primarily because the team was in need of another wide receiver.  Brady Hoke has commented several times that the class would probably be around 26 commitments.  However, with several wide receivers graduating this season and many of the current players being upperclassmen, gaining at least two wide receiver commitments was crucial for long-term success.

Chesson is rated as a three star prospect by Rivals and Scout and is rated anywhere from #82 to #89 at his position across the country.  Basically, this means that he's a solid recruit, but not one that is going to "change" the entire team's dynamic the minute he walks on campus.  Scout says he's "tall and lanky," but needs to bulk up to become a true impact player.  If a recruit has a down-side, size may be the problem most coaches and fans would want because a recruit typically gains significant weight through training camp and their first season, effectively removing the "problem."

With the current depth at wide receiver, Chesson will have some time to develop under experienced players without being forced to contribute the day he walks on campus, which is always an advantage.  It's great to have a player who can make a difference and build game-experience quickly, but it can also be helpful if the player can avoid the limelight in their development, at least for a short-time.  Players like Roundtree, Gallon, and Stonum will be back next year, giving Chesson at least a full season where he could play off the bench or potentially red-shirt, although I doubt that will happen simply because there is some depth concerns at the position.

From all the information he seems to be a very tough and competitive player, which are some of the key aspects Brady Hoke is trying to build into this team.  It is pretty unlikely he'll get significant playing time next year without some injuries to other players, but I think there is a great possibility he will play a decent amount of time and make a few solid plays.  He is a great addition to this recruiting class and will help secure a position that was a big need for this class.  With two wide receivers commitments (the other being four star Amara Darboh), this class is nearing completion, bringing one of the best groups to campus next fall Ann Arbor has seen in a long time.  There are sure to be some huge expectations for this class and players like Chesson.

Photo Credit: Rivals

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