Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get to Know Dymonte Thomas

Most of the talk over the past week has been concerning Michigan’s unprecedented 8-commit haul, and rightly so. However, Wolverine Nation should be very acquainted with the two who started it all. I wrote an article earlier this week on Shane Morris, Michigan’s 1st commit of the 2013 class. You can read that here. Today I’m going to introduce you all to Dymonte Thomas, Michigan’s 2nd commit of the 2013 class and our safety of the future. 
Thomas is a 4* safety out of Alliance, OH. He stands 6’1” and 175 pounds. He runs a 4.5 and is said to be one of the most impressive athletes out of Ohio for the class of 2013. He is also one of the fastest players in his class in the midwest. Rivals ranks Thomas 77th in the nation. Thomas was offered a scholarship by almost every B1G school (including Ohio) and also Notre Dame. Coach Hoke is making sure the trend he began in 2012, trying to get the best recruits out of Ohio to come to Michigan, still continues. In fact, Thomas is one of four commits from the state of Ohio for the class of 2013. He is the only one, however, with an Ohio offer. 

The Michigan coaching staff is so confident in Thomas's ability that there is very little chance they try to get another safety to commit. 
He was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions and I thought I’d share his answers with you all! 
Me: You and Shane were the first to commit to Team 134. How does it feel to know that there are 10 new members to your family, added just in the last few weeks?
Dymonte: It feels great. We were alone at first, and a little worried, but now I feel pretty good about our 2013 class. We picked up a few studs that will help us. 
Me: What are you most excited for when you come to Michigan? Rooming with your QB, learning from Coach Mattison, or something else?
Dymonte: I was pumped to hear that Shane wanted to room with me. I also wanted Coach Mattison to take me under his wing and help me become a better player and eventually reach my goal of [playing in the] NFL. Also the fans make me pretty happy too; they show us so much love.
Me: You are one of 4 commits, thus far, that are from the state of Ohio. The last coaching staff didn’t focus too much on recruiting the state of Ohio, but you can tell it is one of Coach Hoke’s priorities. How do you think this will play out in the future and continue to play out this year? Is the border open again?
Dymonte: Ya, it’s open. It’s because everyone knows that Michigan is back. 
Well, there you have it guys. Short and sweet. Michigan is back.

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  1. With UM and Ohio both getting the cream of the crop out of Ohio and UM getting the best of the state of Michigan, the rivalry will be a true battle each and every time. With both teams full of kids that grew up around The Game and understand it, it will continue to be the biggest rivalry in the country. Go Blue!