Friday, February 24, 2012

Get to Know Kendall Fuller

Kendall Fuller
Kendall Fuller, an excellent cornerback out of Olney, MD (Our Lady of Good Counsel High School), is one of the top overall prospects in the 2013 class. He is a 5* prospect who Rivals ranks as 4th overall in the nation. He has offers from over 20 schools, including Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. He is listed at 6’0” and 185 pounds and also runs a 4.5 second 40. Fantastic all-around for a cornerback. Interesting tidbit: Rivals says Kendall Fuller reminds them of Charles Woodson. 
If you thought his high school sounded familiar, you were right. Fuller comes from the same school Michigan sophomore CB Blake Countess comes from. Although this may seem like fantastic news for Wolverine Nation, it might not be enough to lure him to Ann Arbor. Fuller’s two older brothers, Kyle and Corey, are currently at Virginia Tech. His third brother, the oldest, also played at Virginia Tech before spending 6 seasons with the Tennessee Titans. Lots of people say he’s a lock to Virginia Tech and he is theirs to lose. I am not of this philosophy. I have three reasons as to why. 

1. My first reason is the power of Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison. Defenders love to play for Coach Mattison. All he has to do is show them some Ravens tape. And it's not like Hoke's recent crazy recruiting haul is going to hurt...

Blake Countess
2. My second reason is Blake Countess. Now, Blake is a fantastic player, but I would never have imagined the year he’d have as a freshman. Cornerback is an especially difficult position to play as a freshman, but Countess excelled. Why did he excel? Because he played under Greg Mattison. But more important for recruits is how early he played in his career. Countess started and got plenty of time as a true freshman. And he was great at it! Granted we had injuries (Troy Woolfolk) and aren’t very deep at the position, but it’s still a great sign for incoming recruits...especially ones from Blake’s high school. Blake’s best game came against Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl (registering 8 tackles), showcasing his improvement throughout the season and also Mattison’s coaching ability.

3. My third reason is Dorian O’Daniel. Dorian O’Daniel is a 6’1” and 205-pound 4* LB from Good Counsel HS and is a great friend and teammate of Fuller. He will actually be visiting Michigan the same weekend as Fuller. More importantly, he’s a prospect Michigan is going after hard and he has Michigan near the top of his list at the moment. Rivals ranks him 37th in the nation and he has just as many offers as Fuller (more than 20). Package deal? We could only hope! 
Dorian O'Daniel
If we could lure Fuller to Michigan, it would be an incredible feat. Fuller is the third Good Counsel player since 2009 to earn 5* status, the others being linebacker Jelani Jenkins (2009) and wide receiver Stefon Diggs (2012). If we were to snatch him, future Good Counsel players could see what we do with players like him and Blake Countess and Michigan could put a stamp on the impressive football school.
At the end of the day, I do unfortunately believe that Fuller is a long-shot for Michigan. His familial ties at Virginia Tech might just be too much to overcome (see Armani Reeves from 2012). I still don’t think he’s a VT lock though. Michigan is looking to get one more cornerback commit. We received 4* CB Jourdan Lewis’s verbal commit on February 18th, and like I’ve said multiple times before, anything can happen if we get a recruit on campus. Luckily for us, he plans on visiting April 14th weekend, the weekend of the Spring Game. 
Fuller has clearly been to Virginia Tech multiple times, whether that’s to visit his brothers or visit the campus, he’s very familiar with the university. However he recently came out with a “top-8” and it consists of Virginia Tech, Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Like I said, we need to get him to campus. I think we’ll learn a lot after the Spring Game. He has no timeline for his decision date. Here's to hoping he goes Blue!


  1. Great post! I just disagree about the Virginia Tech game being Blake Countess's best game. I believe he got burned quite often, and was the first time he actually looked like a freshman IMO. I enjoy the blog!

  2. Thanks! I see your point and I can see why it looked like he got burned multiple times, but I was going strictly by stats. He had 8 tackles that game (career-high for him) and 6 of them were solos (also a career-high). Statistically speaking, it was by far his best game. But the game was so erratic, I could see why it looked like he was getting burned all night.