Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get to Know Su'a Cravens

Total. Beast. I could probably end this analysis on him there. Seriously, this kid is amazing.
Cravens is a consensus 5* safety from Murrieta, CA. He stands 6’1” and 205 pounds. Rivals ranks him 5th overall in the nation and he has over 30 offers from all over the country. Offers include Michigan, Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Stanford, and USC. Normally, it’s pretty rare for a California kid to choose Michigan, but with Coach Hoke at the helm, things could be different. Hoke landed 4* offensive tackle Erik Magnuson in 2012 because of their prior relationship when Hoke was at SDSU. Hoke has a connection with California kids, and this could help when pursing a player like Cravens. Of course it’s exceptionally difficult to get West Coast kids to Ann Arbor, but it’s not impossible. 
There a few reasons we would be able to lure someone like Cravens to Ann Arbor. First of all, like I said above, we have the Hoke factor. I would not be surprised if at least one player for the 2013 class is from the West Coast. Coach Hoke realizes that although he made some great connections while coaching in the West Coast, it’s a different story now that he’s at Michigan. All the athletes that were once interested because of him are now doubly interested because he coaches at Michigan. This could be a big help going forward. Another West Coast offer we’ve given out for the 2013 class is 5* LB Michael Hutchings out of Concord, CA, who happens to have a high interest in Michigan. Like I’ve said, Hoke has a West Coast connection. 
Secondly, since Michigan already has their safety of the future in Dymonte Thomas, Cravens is being offered as a running back. This may sound surprising, since he’s such an excellent safety, but Cravens is an excellent athlete in general. Being offered as a running back is something I’m sure intrigues him. It’s something different, it’s new, and it’s a challenge. Granted, I’m not sure if any other school has offered him at another position. However, Dymonte Thomas has been our safety commit for some time now, and it’s quite known the coaches were only planning on taking one safety. Cravens is athletic enough that if he were to bulk up, he could play weakside linebacker too. Honestly, he could probably be listed as an “athlete” on most sites considering the array of positions he is capable of playing. 
The last reason is that Cravens actually has shown some interest in Michigan. Although his “top-3” consisted of USC, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, those were given almost 3 months ago. He’s gotten tons of offer since then. He has also said himself that Michigan intrigues him enough to want to take an official visit. “I’m looking at TV coverage, a school that is a championship contender, and a school with strong academics,” he said. Well, come on down Mr. Cravens. And we know what can happen when a recruit gets on campus...

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