Thursday, February 16, 2012

Logan Tuley-Tillman: Mr. Michigan

Does this guy even need an introduction? Tuley-Tillman is basically Mr. Michigan. LT (just to shorten things up a bit) is a fantastic offensive tackle out of Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois. If you’ve noticed, Illinois is stocked with talent this year. Hoke and Co. are looking to set a tone in the state. Other prospects from Illinois we’re going after include RB Ty Isaac, WR Laquon Treadwell, OL Ethan Pocic, OL Kyle Bosch, and OT Colin McGovern. LT is a big guy at 6’7” and 300 pounds. Rivals ranks him 109th nationally and he holds an offer from basically every school in the country. You think I’m kidding? Check out his offer list. He is wanted by basically every top school in the nation. Lucky for Wolverine Nation, Michigan happens to be his favorite. Actually, a strong favorite. 
LT is the kind of “Michigan Man” that Brady Hoke loves. I asked him to give me a quote to put in this post, and this is what he told me,“Well, all of my success can be attributed to hard work, prayer, and determination. I promise if [any]one adds that to their life, they will also be [successful].” Now tell me you wouldn’t want this guy on your team. LT has visited Ann Arbor too many times to count, and he will also be in town this weekend. When he visited last weekend, however, it was the first time his mother accompanied him. The good news is, mom approves. LT said she really liked the university, which is good news for Wolverine Nation. Actually, he called the experience, “magical.” Win.
LT constantly talks about how blessed he is to be in the position that he’s in today. With offers coming in right and left, and growing up where he did, he just can’t fathom that he gets to choose where he gets to go to college. He said he doesn’t believe there’s ever been an All-American out of his high school before, and to be in the position he’s in today, he needed to be mentally tough, to have perseverance, and to be hungry for what he wanted. He is all of those things. LT, to me, is the epitome of a Michigan Man. 
Although Alabama is up there for LT (I mean, who doesn’t have Alabama up there?), it’s going to be hard to beat Michigan. Wolverine Nation loves LT and he would be an exceptional addition to the 2013 class. The Wolverines will probably sign between 4 and 5 offensive lineman for the 2013 class, and he would definitely head that group if he were to go Blue. 
LT talks about how the Michigan staff are all “Michigan Men” and how they are truly teachers. They don’t get in your face and yell, but instead want to help you excel and become better as a student-athlete. They’re all about the team, and LT notes Bo Schembechler’s speech...The Team, The Team, The Team! Like I said, Michigan Man. 
His mother spoke of having to hold back tears when she was in Nick Saban’s office as he was offering LT. It’s surreal for them. But he deserves it. LT’s mother was asked what she thought of her first visit to Michigan, and she said her mind was already made up before she made the trip. She wants LT at Michigan. Her visit only confirmed that. She was impressed with the academics, the tutors, and how everything is student-based. She met Mrs. Funk and said she has a really good feeling about everything. Needless to say, she loved her visit. 
Well, we tend to agree with Mom. 
As much as Michigan fans want a commitment from LT, he has made it known that he plans on taking his time. He has visited multiple schools including Notre Dame, Alabama, South Carolina and still plans on visiting USC, LSU, Oregon, Texas, and Texas A&M. I told you he had a ton of offers. I doubt he’ll visit them as many times as he will Michigan though. Michigan has so much to offer LT; he loves the coaching staff (calling them “phenomenal”), his aunt lives about 20 minutes away, and he could be part of one of the top recruiting classes in the nation. He’s also already good friends with Shane Morris (surprise, surprise). Not to mention his position and athleticism is needed. More so, Michigan fans already love LT. After he visited Michigan for a hockey game, he said,
“I was walking around and the people all know me. A lot of the fans just come up to me, greet me, and talk to me. I really like the fans that work hard all week, and then Fridays they spend their money to take their families out to a Michigan game. That means a lot. Those are the ones that really come to support you, and those are the ones I really love talking to.”
Looks like Wolverine Nation is doing their part. LT once said he wanted to decide by March 20th (his 17th birthday), but that doesn’t look likely anymore. That is actually unfortunate for Michigan fans, but I don’t think he expected to be sought after to the extent that he is. He wants to take his time with his suitors, and it’s hard to blame him. He said the latest he would decide though would be at his All-Star game. Of his timeline adjustment, LT said of Michigan, “They don’t really even care [about the decision date change]. They’re just happy about everything. They just see me as their little Logan.” Our Little Logan indeed!
Here’s to hoping LT goes Blue. Oh, and if you guys are feeling confident, go ahead and order your #72 Tuley-Tillman jerseys. 


  1. Another great post Sarah, thanks for the efforts. This young man is the kind of people we need. Humble, hard working, ready to work to be the best. We all know a umich degree means a career anywhere on the planet, but that magical, amazing football Saturday is only for the blessed few. Great job!

  2. Thanks! And I totally agree with you. He's a great kid.

  3. Logan is definitely "Michigan Man" material! He has many good men around him molding him into the perfect young man....

  4. Logan definitely is a "Michigan Man" and has many good men molding him into the perfect young man. I am so proud of him...He is work in progress....

  5. This guy has UM written all over him. He'd be out of God's will to go anywhere else!! Just give the C work LT - you're not a guy who wants to settle for less than the BEST!!