Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday's Visitors

1. Ross Douglas (4* ATH out of Avon, OH)

Douglas is an exceptional athlete out of Ohio who stands 5’11” and 180 pounds. He runs a 4.4 and has a 35 inch vertical! Rivals ranks him #242 in the nation. It is well known that Coach Hoke wants athletic players on the field, and Douglas is a prime example of just that. He does not hold a Michigan offer yet, but is expected to receive one on Monday. Douglas was a two-way player for his Avon team. Last year on offense he had 175 carries for 1,019 yards and 15 touchdowns and 10 catches for 150 yards and another score. On defense, he tallied 40 tackles, 13 pass break-ups, and one interception. Impressive to say the least. Douglas is still receiving offers and currently has no favorite. He plans on attending Junior Days at Ohio State, West Virginia, and Michigan State. It sounds like he’s interested in schools with good academic standings (a la Northwestern), and Big Ten schools in general. I don’t really have a feel for which way he’s leaning, but if he does receive a Michigan offer, it would be his best. 

2. De’Niro Laster (currently unranked WR out of Shaker Heights, OH)
Laster is a wide receiver who stands at 6’3” and 215 pounds. Laster is also very athletic, as he’s played defense (linebacker) in high school, and is being looked at both at wide receiver and tight end at the next level. From what I’ve seen, it sounds like he’s a big Ohio State fan and is waiting for an offer from them. He has visited OSU multiple times, so if Coach Hoke wants this guy, there’s a lot of work to do. However, if he leaves Michigan with an offer, which seems likely, we may just jolt to the top of his list. 

3. Donovan Munger (currently unranked DT out of Shaker Heights, OH)
It seems the theme this Monday is athleticism, as Munger is also a two-way lineman. He stands 6’3” and 278 pounds. At Shaker Heights, he played offensive tackle, defensive end, and defensive tackle. He definitely sounds like a team player though because he said he’s willing to play wherever he’s needed on the team. Munger does not have a favorite, and he has random offers from all over including Auburn, West Virginia, a couple Big Ten schools, and multiple MAC schools. Munger is also expected to leave Michigan with an offer. 

A Late (but welcome!) addition to the group:

4. Jacob Matuska (currently unranked TE out of Columbus, OH)

I can confidently say that Matuska will soon be ranked because he is an excellent tight end. He stands 6’5” and 240 pounds and holds offers from Oklahoma, Michigan and a few other Big Ten schools. Although the 2013 class has commitments from tight ends Khalid Hill and Jake Butt, all of them are athletic enough to play multiple positions. It looks like Coach Hoke wants Matuska to join the 2013 class as the third (and final) tight end. Matuska has also been compared to Jason Witten, a welcome comparison! He is the top-ranked tight end out of Ohio for the 2013 class. 

Photo Credit: Rivals

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