Friday, March 23, 2012

Michigan's Options at Wide Receiver

The 2013 class has one wide receiver committed, 3* Jaron Dukes out of Columbus, OH. This means we will take at least one more receiver and possibly two. Luckily for Michigan, the wide receivers in the 2013 class are incredible. I didn’t even realize how many spectacular ones there are until I wrote this piece. I know everyone has their hopes on Treadwell (as do I), but there are many fantastic options. What I’ve noticed the most about the guys we’re going after is their height (they’re all very tall), and their athleticism. Most of them have played and can play multiple positions, which is clearly something the coaches like. 
Michigan has multiple wide receiver recruits who are very interested, and many of the names are brand new. You’ll probably notice there’s few recruits from California, as the coaches have some pretty great connections out there. Since we’ll probably take 2 more receivers, my wish list would have to include Laquon Treadwell and Eldridge Massington, but truthfully I’d be happy with any 2 on this list. Here is a little bit about the most popular ones:
4* Laquon Treadwell
Treadwell is definitely Michigan’s #1 target at WR. Read all about him here. He will be making his FIFTH visit to Ann Arbor in the next couple weeks to check out a spring practice. Lucky #5? We can only hope. 

4* Marquez North
North is a 4* wide receiver out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He stands 6’3” and 205 pounds. Rivals ranks him 24th nationally and 3rd at his position, which makes him a prime candidate for a 5th star. He also runs a 4.48-second 40 time. He holds almost 20 offers including ones from Michigan, Auburn, Florida, Ohio State, and South Carolina. As a junior, he had over 1,000 receiving yards on 39 receptions and 19 touchdowns. He also had 400 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns. North plans on visiting Michigan in May and says he’s been hearing from the staff weekly. Getting North on campus would be huge, as it seems he has some real interest in Michigan. He has never visited the campus but does have family in Flint, MI and actually has family attending Michigan. He plans on making a summer decision. 

4* Demorea Stringfellow
Stringfellow is a 4* wide receiver out of Moreno Valley, CA. He stands 6’2” and 185 pounds, probably the ideal height the coaches are looking for in a wide receiver. Rivals ranks him 107th in the nation and 14th at his position. Stringfellow holds offers from Michigan, Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Nebraska, UCLA, and Washington State. Stringfellow’s recruitment will probably continue to heat up but he seems to have genuine interest in Michigan. As a junior, he had 46 receptions for 1,080 yards and 19 touchdowns. Impressive considering he started playing football in the 9th grade. Yes, you read that correctly. Michigan sees Stringfellow as an impact player who can be a big-time player on the field. Stringfellow says he has no favorites but is trying to come out to Michigan for a spring practice. It’s going to be difficult since he’s coming from California, but he’s working on convincing his parents to let him come out for an unofficial visit. 

4* Devon Allen
Allen is a 4* wide receiver out of Phoenix, AZ. He stands 6’1” and 190 pounds and he also runs a 4.4 second-40. Rivals ranks Allen 110th in the nation and 15th at his position. Allen holds over 20 offers including ones from Michigan, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Stanford. Allen is known as a “speedster” and is lauded for his speed more than anything. As a sophomore, Allen was named 1st team all-region after catching 60 passes for 915 yards and 6 touchdowns. As a junior, he caught 44 passes for 844 yards and 14 touchdowns and he was named all-state. Impressive, to say the least. The Michigan coaches have told him that he would probably be their deep threat, considering his speed. Allen says he doesn’t have a preference in terms of location and deciding his future school. He plans on taking a little midwest trip during his Spring Break (2nd week of April) and wants to see Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and Nebraska. Nothing is set in stone yet. He does not have a timeline but also said he’s not into the whole “picking hats” thing on Signing Day. 

4* Marcell Ateman
Ateman is a 4* wide receiver out of Wylie, TX. He stands 6’4” (wow) and 189 pounds. He also runs a 4.5-second 40. Rivals ranks Ateman 140th in the nation and 20th at his position. He holds more than 25 offers, including ones from Michigan, Arkansas, Baylor, and Tennessee. Michigan is definitely his best offer, but again, it will be hard to pry him from the south. Ateman would be a real threat on deep balls and jump balls mainly because of his height and 27.5-inch vertical. He’s admitted being a Texas fan but does not hold a Texas offer yet. Ateman says he wants to visit Michigan sometime this summer. Visiting Michigan will make a big difference in Ateman’s recruitment, as he’s not even close to making a decision. He says he wants to feel at home, and there’s no way of that happening unless he gets out to Ann Arbor. 

4* Sebastian LaRue
LaRue is a 4* wide receiver out of Santa Monica, CA. He stands 5’11” and 185 pounds. Rivals ranks him 141st nationally and 21st at his position. LaRue holds over 20 offers including ones from Michigan, Florida State, and Oklahoma. When asked about what he knows about Michigan, LaRue responded, “All I really know about them is Denard Robinson,” he replied laughing. Well, you can’t blame the guy. He also knows that we produce great players like Charles Woodson though, and LaRue is open to playing either wide receiver or cornerback at the next level. He plays both positions in high school and as a junior had almost 1,000 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns on offense, and 4 interceptions on defense. LaRue says he has no problem leaving his home-state and neither does his mom. He also said he wants to play whatever position his coach wants him to play, so he definitely seems like a team player. I think to have a shot at someone like LaRue, we need to get him out to Ann Arbor. He wants to visit so we’ll see. 

4* James Quick
Quick is a 4* wide receiver out of Louisville, Kentucky. He stands 6’1” and 180 pounds and also runs a 4.41-second 40. Rivals ranks Quick 194th nationally and 26th at his position. Surprisingly, he holds only 10 offers, but in this case, quality is better than quantity. Quick holds offers from Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. It’s worth noting that Quick is a 5* on Scout. As a junior, he had 82 (!) receptions for 1,434 yards and 21 touchdowns. Wow. Interestingly enough, Michigan is also very interested in Quick’s teammate, Jason Hatcher (a DE). He plans on visiting in the spring, and hopefully Quick comes with him. Quick was also the first-ever freshman to start a game at his high school. That’s saying something. 

4* Uriah LeMay
LeMay is a 4* wide receiver out of Matthews, North Carolina. He stands 6’2” and 188 pounds. Rivals ranks him 212th in the nation and 28th at his position. LeMay holds over 25 offers including ones from Michigan, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. LeMay wants to visit Michigan for a spring practice, but nothing is set in stone yet. As a junior, he had 43 receptions for 842 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also ran the ball 38 times for 397 yards and 5 touchdowns. Dual-threat, my friends. LeMay says that Alabama, Arkansas, and LSU are recruiting him the hardest so prying him away from SEC-country may be difficult. He plans on making a summer decision, so sooner rather than later.  

4* Eldridge Massington
Massington is a 4* wide receiver out of Mesquite, TX. He stands 6’3” and 205 pounds. Rivals ranks him 245th nationally and 32nd at his position. He holds over 20 offers including ones from Michigan, Baylor, Notre Dame, and Tennessee. His list doesn’t have many big-time schools, but that could play to our advantage if he’s willing to go out-of-state. Massington has some real interest in Michigan. He realizes that his biggest offers to-date are Michigan and Notre Dame and he plans on finding out a lot more about both of them. He wants to visit both unofficially and wants to make his decision before his senior season. This could also play to our advantage because his recruitment is surely to blow up. I say this because as a junior, he was only able to play in 5 games due to having turf toe. Eldridge is very fond of Steve Lorenz of the Tremendous blog and has been updating him before anyone else. He has told Tremendous that Michigan is at the top of his list when it comes to his recruitment, which is fantastic news. He originally wanted to make a Spring decision, but it now appears as though he wants to take his time. 

4* ATH Darrell Daniels
Daniels is a 4* athlete out of Oakley, CA who Michigan is recruiting at wide receiver. He stands 6’4” and 205 pounds and also runs a 4.5-second 40. Rivals ranks him 170th in the nation and the 13th best athlete. He holds double digit offers including ones from Michigan, Arkansas, Auburn, and Nebraska. I haven’t personally watched Daniels on tape, but I hear he’s a complete freak. As a junior, Daniels ran for 266 yards on 44 carries with 4 touchdowns. He had 30 receptions for 526 yards and 7 touchdowns. He also had 63 tackles, 3 pass break-ups, an interception, and added 2 returns for touchdowns on defense. Talk about an athlete. I don’t know if Daniels will make it out to Michigan for an unofficial but he is considering using one of his official visits on Michigan. If we can get him out here, that will make a difference. Otherwise, he’s a long-shot. 
Others with offers: 
3* Rob Wheelwright out of Columbus, OH
3* Richard Benjamin out of Tampa, FL
3* Kevin Gladney out of Akron, OH


  1. Sarah,
    Nice job. You were right I did not think Michigan was in on so many WRs. I think Michigan lands Quick and Allen.

  2. Great post Sarah! Which of these 10 do you think we'll land? or are most likely to land?

  3. Great write up! Also, watching darrell daniels tape is required homework for you this weekend lol. He has leapfrogged to #1 on my wishlist since I watched it myself. Man amongst boys, in his jr yr. Hes got an xtra gear as soon as hes in the open field