Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bleeding Maize And Blue

I'm sure every fan has that moment in their lives when they became a Michigan fan. You might've grown up with your family having a history of Blue Bloods, or chosen to attend UofM out of high school. When it comes down to it, everyone has their own tale. So, for this article I'm going to give you a little background on mine, and hopefully some of you will share your stories below or via Twitter.

I grew up in Nashville, Michigan. Go ahead--look it up on Google Earth, and you'll see it does exist. That little village is in the prime area of Sparty country. It's located about 45 minutes SW of Lansing. Growing up I wasn't into any college sports, or sports at all for that matter. I remember kids being fans of the Tar Heels and Seminoles and Spartans but I didn't put much effort into caring. I do, however, remember watching Chris Webber during the national title game in 1993. I remember not so much of the time-out, but just the colors themselves. Keep in mind I was 13 at the time!

Fast forward to 2001, which is when I met my wife. I moved out to Howell in 2002 and got a job in a fireplace warehouse, and I met one of the staunchest Michigan fans out there. To this day, he is still my friend and fellow fantasy football player, but it is because of him that my passion has grown to what it is today.

In 2003, he took me to my first Michigan football game against Purdue. Walking in through the gates, and down into our seats; I knew I was hooked. I had chills going up my spine before the game even started. If you remember, this was the last year Navarre played and we lost in the Rose Bowl at the end. I've been to a few games since: the 3OT thriller against MSU, and Henne's first game as a starter against Miami of Ohio. A few games during the RichRod era (whom I loathed) and went to see the blowouts against Purdue and Nebraska's first game at the Big House. Through the ups and downs of the program, I have always remained steadfast in my support of Big Blue.

Now as I stated earlier, I grew up in MSU country. Went to school with a lot of their fans, and most I still consider friends to this day. Right now, I despise anything green. I hardly have any in my wardrobe and my own 5-yr old says "Yuck, I don't like green" (Yes, we've trained him well). I also don't own much red either but I guess since I grew up where I did, I dislike green a shade more than scarlet red. Not to say I have any kind feelings towards Ohio.

This is my story and why I bleed maize and blue.  So, tell us your story about when you started bleeding maize and blue.  Even fan has a story, let's hear yours!

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  1. I was about 12 when I was watching a Michigan game on t.v and Jamie Morris had a unbelievable game and I have been hooked ever seen. Just to add on 10 years later I worked with his father. He is one of the nicest people I have ever meet and a great trumpet player.

  2. Dating myself w this 1, I was 5 & my best friends dad had not missed a home game in 20some yrs, I got to see Anthony Carter play against notre shame, my 1st game. Been screaming for them since. Best game ive been to, out of a total of around 40+, the charles woodson show vs osu. My daughter (almost 3) is also trained, when asked what we say about our teams, she will reply loudly "go blue, go lions, go red wings, gooooooo tigers!".

    1. My 5 yr old son does the same thing! He also has said since he was 3 that red and green are yucky colors. :)

    2. My buddys son (5yrs) was helping pass out candy on halloween, waiting for dad to get home, a kid his age walked up in a "brutus" costume and he said "NO MOM, HE DOES NOT GET ANY CANDY!" Brutus started to cry, brutus' mom was pissed, little D got $10 from his dad when he got home, to start of his bag

  3. I'm only 16 but I'll give it a go. My dad is an MSU alumnus and bleeds green, so it's somewhat miraculous I'm such a huge Michigan fan, although my mom did attend Michigan, though not a football fan. I guess I've always valued the school's academics and really started getting into the football aspect during that 3OT game vs. MSU. However, the interest waned during the RichRod years and picked back up when Denard won the starting role his second year. Brady Hoke really got me enamored with the program and school though, and I'm in love with the history of the football program (Bo, Charles Woodson, Wheatly, Desmond Howard, etc). One more year left of high school and then I'm hoping to get in!