Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catching Up With David Dawson

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In addition to Dawson’s elite offers (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida State) from the first time I interviewed him back in February, he has added offers from Florida and USC. Don’t be surprised if the offers keep piling up, as Dawson’s stock continues to rise. But the good news is we have nothing to worry about, as you’ll see below, David tells me he is a true Michigan Man. 
Me: So it’s been a while since our last interview. Since then, you’ve gotten a 4th star on Scout, you’ve been ranked 92nd in the nation according to the ESPN150, and you’ve gotten a bunch of big-time offers. How does that make you feel?
David: It makes me feel great! Everything that I put in, blood, sweat, and tears for is somewhat here [now]. But I’m not finished!
Me: You weren’t the only offensive lineman who was ranked in the ESPN150. All five of Michigan’s o-line commits made the list. How crazy is that?
David: It’s not crazy at all! It shows that we are gonna bring that hard-nosed offensive line back to Ann Arbor. It shows that we are all really good and [it shows] what we do and that we are all hard workers. 
Me: Shane Morris is a lucky man, isn’t he?
David: [Laughing] Yeah, better treat us right.
Me: Is it frustrating receiving new offers and phone calls from coaches or is it still fun? Have you ever thought about wavering in your commitment to Michigan?
David: It’s still fun and I’m not wavering at all. 
Me: I hear that USC is on you pretty hard. Wolverine Nation has nothing to worry about, do they?
David: [Laughing] They don’t. 
Me: What is one thing you think you still need to work on before you get to Michigan?
David: I just wanna get stronger. Other than that, I don’t know. 
Me: Are there any prospects you’re working on to get to join you on Team 134?
David: Oh, yeah...Kenton Gibbs when they offer, Ty Isaac, Laquon Treadwell, and Eldridge Massington.
Me: It’s pretty clear to see how Team 134 is so close-knit. Do you like that you’re able to keep in touch with your future teammates like that?
David: Yeah, it’s gonna help us when we get [to Michigan]. I mean, we all already have that brotherly relationship. I found that out when my father passed away and everybody either tweeted or text me...even today JD [Jourdan Lewis] forced me to hug him [laughs].
Me: Any last words?
David: Just know I’m a Michigan Man. I’m coming for [a starting] spot when I step foot in Ann Arbor and I’m ready to win these national championships! GO BLUE!

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