Saturday, April 21, 2012

Catching Up With Su'a Cravens

I promised you guys an interview with Cravens and here it is! Cravens was a great interview, as he seemed really honest, and is ready to get moving with the recruiting process. In case you haven't read it, here is a full breakdown I wrote on him a while back. This kid is an absolutely beast, and if you watch him on film, you'll see what I mean.

Cravens is a consensus 5* player. Here are all his current ranks: 

Rivals - #1 safety, #5 player in the nation
Scout - #1 safety, #6 player in the nation
247 - #1 safety, #8 player in the nation
ESPN - #1 safety, #15 player in the nation (ESPN150)


Me: What made you move your decision date to early June?
Su’a: I just didn’t wanna drag on the process of being recruited and if I know where I wanna go, then why wait to make the decision? I feel like after I take my unofficial visits, I will know by June 6th and that’s when I’m gonna make my commitment.
Me: [Laughing] Sounds to me like you know where you wanna go...
Su’a: I have an idea but I mean, anything’s possible. I don’t know where I’m going but like I said, after I take these unofficials, I will know for sure. 
Me: It sounds like you’re kind of over the recruiting process. Does it gets a little overwhelming at times?
Su’a: Yes, it’s overwhelming all the time. I got reporters and recruiters calling me at all times, everybody wants an interview and sometimes you just gotta ignore your phone. But at the same time, I’d rather be in this situation than not getting any calls at all and looking for offers. 
Me: Very good point. Speaking of offers, how does it feel to be a top recruit in the class of 2013? Is it hard to stay grounded?
Su’a: It’s an honor. It’s not hard to stay grounded because my parents raised me to stay humble and that’s how I’m gonna remain. 
Me: How long has Coach Hoke been recruiting you? I’ve heard conflicting reports. 
Su’a: He’s been recruiting me since I was a sophomore, when he was at San Diego State. So he never really stopped recruiting me when he switched teams. 
Me: I know you must have heard how great of a visit your cousin, Joe Mathis, had to Michigan. Does that get you excited about visiting?
Su’a: Yeah he said he loved it up at Michigan. So I have to see it for myself, but he’s not gonna sway my decision. I still have to see it myself. I can’t just go off of what another person tells me, you know? 
Me: Oh, definitely. I know you told me you’re visiting Michigan for an unofficial visit, but have you decided on any other schools to visit before June?
Su’a: [Laughing] I can’t say. 
Me: [Laughing] I had to try! So what do you think is your biggest strength? Weakness?
Su’a: I’d say my biggest strengths are open-field tackling and my instincts. My weakness is back pedal speed. I haven’t been at safety so I haven’t had the chance to work on my back pedal. 
Me: What do you mean you haven’t been at safety?
Su’a: I’ve been playing OLB since sophomore year. They put me at safety from time to time but it hasn’t been my main position. I’m getting moved to safety [officially] this year. 
Me: What do you think is the biggest difference between playing football in California and playing in the Midwest?
Su’a: Umm, I couldn’t tell you. I know everyone in Cali is either big or fast and it’s tough because everyone’s starting to move to the spread offense out here. 
Me: So are you saying you’d rather play in a pro-offense?
Su’a: No, I like the spread, but the pro is more ideal for the NFL. 
Me: Last question. Is it true you’re a “USC-lock” or is it just one of your top schools? Do you have a top-5?
Su’a: USC isn’t a lock, they’re just a top school. I have a top-5 but I can’t say... [laughs].

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