Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up With Taco Charlton

Taco Charlton, a 4* DE commit out of Pickerington, OH, who's been blowing up lately thanks to his stellar showing at the recent camp in California, was kind enough to lend me a few minutes of his time for a quick interview. This guy is one of my favorite prospects and is Blue through and through. Check it out. 

Me: I really do think that the camaraderie that Team 134 has established over Twitter and just visiting each other all the time is going to help the team on the field. How do you feel about that?

Taco: The thing about it is, we all already have that chemistry coming in and we all already trust each other. That's what you need in a team so it's just great that we have it...and we're not even at Michigan yet. We have so many great players and just good people that are commited.

Me: I know that your stock has been steadily rising, and I really think the camp you attended in California also helped. How do you feel you've been playing lately?

Taco: Well nothing has really changed, now I just got the chance to show people what I can do when you unleash me and let me play. And it's just the beginning, I'm still working hard to get even better.

Me: Does Team 134 have any plans for the Spring Game?

Taco: Team 134, we had a great time at the Spring Game, and a lot [of us] even hung out that night and had fun with some of the players there already, just building that chemistry even more. We just all love being at Michigan.

Me: Fill in Wolverine Nation on which prospects you're working on to get them to join Team 134.

Taco: I'm still working on my man Jojo, as you know him as Joe Mathis, but I just think a great player like that would help our team out so much. 

Me: I heard that you might try and enroll early to Michigan. Do you think that will help your development as a player?

Taco: Yeah, right now I'm planning to enroll early to help me develop faster and just learn and get a chance to be coached by great coaches, even though my high school coaches are good too. 

Me: Any last words?

Taco: Go Blue and that I love the Michigan fans, ya'll are crazy! But I just [want to] thank all of the fans for the support even if I didn't get the chance to meet some of the fans that wanted to meet me, we still have 4 more years [laughing].

(I love the comment about just plain good people committed to the 2013 class. It really shows the high-character players our coaching staff likes to go after. )

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