Sunday, April 1, 2012

Michigan’s Top Remaining Targets

The 2013 class already has 16 verbal commits, leaving room for maybe 8 more. Of course this number can vary, as we’ve heard our class may end up anywhere between 21-25. I’m going to assume 24 and discuss the 8 remaining top targets for the 2013 class. 
To recap, we have our QB in Shane Morris, 2 of 3 running backs in Wyatt Shallman and DeVeon Smith, 1 of 3 wide receivers in Jaron Dukes, 2 tight ends in Khalid Hill and Jake Butt, 2 of 3 cornerbacks in Jourdan Lewis and Gareon Conley, 5 offensive lineman (Logan Tuley-Tillman, Chris Fox, Kyle Bosch, David Dawson, Patrick Kugler), 1 of 3 defensive lineman in Taco Charlton, 1 of 3 (?) linebackers in Mike McCray, and 1 safety in Dymonte Thomas. So like I said, that leaves about 8 remaining targets if those numbers above are correct. That can change, of course. The number I think that has the biggest possibility of changing is the linebacker position. I truly don’t know if we’ll take another linebacker, considering we’re kind of stacked at the position with the 2012 class and 2013 commit Mike McCray. 2012 signee Joe Bolden is so good that word on the street is he will not redshirt. He is a special talent. So we’ll see...
This is not in order of importance. If there’s a question mark next to a name, it’s because we have lots of options at that specific position. It’s very hard to narrow down those options this early in the game, but I’ve tried my best. 

1. 4* RB Ty Isaac 
I don’t know how many times we have to hear this, but clearly one of our top targets is Ty Isaac. There’s also the possibility of Derrick Green filling the last running back spot, but I’m not as optimistic about him as some other people are. I believe Green will ultimately choose Ohio State or another school. Either way, I believe the coaches will be happy with our current RB haul if they can’t land either Isaac or Green. In other words, if we can get Isaac OR Green (not both), the class will have 3 RBs. If not, it will have 2. But as I’ve heard multiple times, Isaac is very high on Michigan and it looks very good for us. Here is a complete breakdown of Isaac. 

2. 4* WR Laquon Treadwell
Another target Wolverine Nation has heard much about and arguably our top target on the board is WR Laquon Treadwell. Treadwell is a beast and would be one of the top additions to the 2013 class. Wide receiver is a real position of need and we need some good ones. I’ve written about Treadwell before, so you guys can read about him here

3. 4* WR Eldridge Massington? 
We will be taking a 3rd wide receiver, but who will it be? I broke down Michigan’s options at wide receiver the other day, and it really could be any one of those on the list. If not Massington, then maybe Devon Allen or Marcell Ateman. Who really knows at this point? All we know is multiple wide receivers are interested in catching passes from 5* Shane Morris. Ateman seemed to hit it off with Shane in Dallas at the Elite 11 camp. Massington seems high on Michigan and I believe Michigan is his best offer (so far). But I’ve read that Allen may be our best shot, and he by the way, is a beast. So who will it be? I do think that we will find out sooner rather than later. 

4. 5* CB Kendall Fuller?
We know the coaches want another corner, and there are multiple options. Fuller is the highest ranked CB prospect we are pursuing, but I don’t believe our chances with him are as good as they were earlier this year. This is because of a couple reasons. First, his teammate, LB Dorian O’Daniel, decided to cancel his visit to Michigan (for the Spring Game) when he was told we were full at linebacker for 2013. They did not necessarily want to be a package deal, but there is a high chance that they will be. Fuller is still planning on visiting for the Spring Game, so anything can happen, but I do believe O’Daniel’s decision will be a deterrent. Second, he is apparently very high on Clemson (as is O’Daniel). And if the Clemson thing isn’t serious, well all of his older brothers have played at Virginia Tech. I do believe Fuller is a long shot, but there are other CB options like Cole Luke, Antwuan Davis, Cam Walker, Tim Harris, and Tre Bell. 3* Devin Butler is making his decision soon between Michigan and Notre Dame, but my gut is he chooses Notre Dame (his latest visit). The good news is, Fuller is visiting for the Spring Game. Here is his complete breakdown. Also, here is a breakdown of all our cornerback options. 

5. 4* DT Henry Poggi
Poggi has visited Michigan multiple times and seems very interested. He is a 4* tackle out of Baltimore, MD who Rivals ranks as 43rd overall in the nation. He stands 6’3” and 250 pounds. He finished his junior season with 49 tackles, 11 tackles for a loss, 10 sacks, and one forced fumble. Poggi is a beast, with about 20 offers from schools like Michigan, Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, and Stanford. It’s too early to say much about his options, but Poggi is very high on Michigan. He has already visited Michigan three times. He would be an excellent get. His favorites as of November (so things could have definitely changed) are Michigan, Tennessee, Stanford, Alabama, Auburn, and Ohio State. 

6. 4* DT Greg Webb or 4* Eddie Vanderdoes
We will be taking another DT, but who? Options include Eddie Vanderdoes and Greg Webb. Vanderdoes is listed as both a DE and DT on multiple sites. He is a 4* DE on Rivals and ranked 21st overall, making him an easy candidate for a 5th star. Vanderdoes is a CA product who stands 6’4” and 285 pounds. His junior season, he had 59 tackles and 8 sacks. Vanderdoes has tons of offers including Michigan, Alabama, and Notre Dame. He plans on taking an official to Michigan, since his interest is “very, very high.” He is also impressed with Michigan’s early recruiting success, saying he wants to go somewhere to win championships. He has not specified when he wants to make a decision. Vanderdoes is another player that would be an amazing get. 
Webb is a 4* DT out of New Jersey who Rivals ranks 78th overall in the nation. He stands 6’2” and 290 pounds. He finished his junior season with 94 tackles (wow), 9 sacks, and 3 fumble recoveries. Impressive. Webb has over 20 offers including Michigan, Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. Webb plans on visiting Michigan, and probably with friend and teammate Dajaun Drennon (4* DE with a Michigan offer). Even though Webb has high interest in Michigan, what’s interesting is that him and Drennon want to be a package deal and attend the same university. Even more interesting? Drennon has stated that Michigan is very high on his list. Webb says distance will not be a factor. Praising Michigan, he says, “Michigan is legendary, Michigan has the Big House and great coaching staff, and the best d-line play I’ve seen in the Big Ten.” Awesome. Him and Drennon plan on visiting together. Could be great news. 

7. 4* LB Ben Gedeon
I have the last 2 spots for LBs Gedeon and Levenberry, but like I said, this is not necessarily a position of need anymore so anything can happen here. Gedeon is a favorite LB prospect of mine but I hadn’t really considered him a serious option since he’s from Ohio. Not that Hoke hasn’t been recruiting the hell out of Ohio, but Gedeon has Michigan and Ohio State in his top group. That shouldn’t take away from his excellent ball skills though. Rivals ranks Gedeon 224th overall in the nation. He stands 6’3” and 215 pounds and has lots of offers. Offers include Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Stanford, and Tennessee. Gedeon is actually an excellent athlete, but is mainly being offered as a linebacker. He wasn’t planning on taking any more visits until after his basketball season, but the coaches got him to visit a few weekends ago. Gedeon enjoyed his visit very much and there was even talk of a silent commitment, but nothing concrete has come out yet.

8. 4* LB EJ Levenberry
Levenberry is an early 4* outside linebacker out of Woodbridge, VA. Rivals ranks him 15th overall in the nation, which means he will probably end up getting a 5th star. He stands 6’3” and 226 pounds. He holds over 20 offers, including ones from Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. An impressive offer sheet, to say the least. E.J. Levenberry is one of my favorite recruits because not only is he one of the top ranked of the bunch, but his top schools are currently Michigan, Florida, and Florida State. Yep, that’s correct. It’s Us vs. The Florida Schools. And ESPN has reported that Michigan is currently on top. Apparently Levenberry loves Hoke. Him and I have that in common. Levenberry has met Shane Morris and Dymonte Thomas, and has heard from both of them about how much Michigan impresses them. He is also very impressed with Coach Mattison and how he has coached Ray Lewis. Last but not least, Levenberry’s father went to school with (Michigan sophomore CB) Blake Countess’s father, so they go way back. He said that Blake’s father said great things about Michigan. All in all, I’d say we have a great shot. Granted it will be hard to overcome the Florida schools, but I think Levenberry has made a great connection with Michigan so far. He is visiting soon for the Spring Game and there’s a lot of talk about a possible commitment, but Levenberry has said multiple times he does not want to commit until his All-American game. Either way, if he wants in, I would assume the coaches take him. 
We would make room for...
5* Su’a Cravens
Arguably the top prospect of the 2013 class, if Cravens gets blown away after his official visit to Michigan (he has said he is planning an official to Michigan), I highly doubt the coaches would deny him if he wanted to commit. Of course it’s a long-shot, and Michigan already has their safety of the future in Dymonte Thomas, but like I said, you don’t turn down this kind of talent in Cravens. Plus he is capable of playing multiple positions on the field, both defensively and offensively. Here is his complete breakdown. 


  1. Great article, Thanks for the update! what about crayton out of AL?

  2. I think interest in him has kind of sizzled...although that can change again anytime.

  3. I tweeted to you the importance of attending the Spring Game and showing our support for the player, current and future commits. I will be making the 45 minute 85mph drive from Toledo, as I do every home game and don't get why more fans don go. It is free, and you get to see free football in the best venue. Not to mention the chance to run into legends of UM football. I was wondering if you have a commit list of those who will be attending as well as if you're aware of any former players. Woodson, Howard, etc. I feel as fans we owe it to our team to show up and give those commits a small taste of 113,00 breathing down your neck! Hail and Go blue!