Monday, April 9, 2012

Trey Burke Officially Returning To Michigan

It's been a long few weeks for Michigan basketball fans.  After Trey Burke announced he was considering going to the NBA, many Michigan fans became very worried.  When another story broke that he was going pro, fan disappointment reached a maximum.  However, it was all for naught!  Burke is coming back to Ann Arbor!

This is a HUGE development for next year's Michigan team and program.  Michigan was facing next year with little to no point guard depth.  Yes, Spike Albrecht committed to Michigan, which would have helped with point guard depth somewhat, but I don't think there was anybody out there that thought Spike could match what Burke brought to the court last season and what he will likely bring to the court next year.

This is literally going to take Michigan from a fringe Top 25 team to a preseason Top 10 lock.  Expectations for next year's team should be sky-high.  As I pointed out in my way too early starter predictions last week, point guard was going to be the weakest position for Michigan next year and this will likely make it the team's strongest.  Burke is a great weapon for Michigan.  However, not only will Michigan have Burke, but they are also going to be getting a lot of recruiting talent for next season to go along with Burke's contributions.

Players like Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III are going to make Burke's job a lot easier next season and raise the expectations even more.  These expectations may become unattainable, but Michigan fans should be very happy with today's announcement from Burke and the Michigan Athletic Department.  Do I think he made the right decision?  I'm not exactly sure, and anything else would be speculation, but I know this is going to help the Wolverines a lot more than it will likely help Burke for his future.  Will he be drafted higher if he leaves after next season than he would have this year?  I'm not convinced.  However, he must have not been satisfied with the result of his draft analysis or simply had a change of heart to come back to Ann Arbor.

Either way, Michigan is going to be stacked next year.  They certainly aren't a lock for the Big Ten Championship or a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but I see no reason why they shouldn't perform well and ultimately make a solid run in March.  This is a big development for Michigan and Burke's return may finally get Michigan cemented as a basketball power for years to come.

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  1. "Michigan was facing next year with little to no point guard depth."

    Why? What happened in recruiting that such a big hole occurred?

  2. The main issue was that Beilein has had so many people jump pro so early and in successive fashion. He has tried to address the deficit, but having guys just after 2 and potentially 1 year is pretty uncommon for a program like Michigan.