Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trey Burke To The NBA?

After analyzing his options, Trey Burke has opted to go the NBA Draft according to CBS Sports Analyst Jeff Goodman.  His father disputes this opinion and says Trey has not declared yet.  If true, which appears very likely, this would probably be one of the most disappointing announcements in recent Michigan basketball history.  Darius Morris's departure was big, but at least Michigan had someone coming in to replace him (Trey Burke).  Burke announced a few weeks ago that he was considering declaring for the draft and appears very close right now, if he has not already done so.

Burke will probably be a late 1st Round to 2nd Round NBA Draft pick if he declares.  He was Michigan's leading scorer and assists leader last season.  For those who haven't kept up much with basketball, this would be a huge blow for next year's young Michigan squad.  Some projections had them as a Final Four pick and within the Top 10 preseason rankings.  However, this will likely vault Michigan near the bottom, or out of the Top 25 altogether if Burke leaves.

Michigan had a great season this year and won the Big Ten Championship, but without Burke the entire dynamic changes.  Certainly, there will be some solid players remaining on the team and some great recruits incoming such as Mitch McGary, but if Beilein is not able to land a point guard in the next few weeks, it could be a rough year for Michigan fans.

Michigan basketball is not dead by any means, but the chance of repeating its championship or advancing on last year's success will take a serious hit if CBS Sports is correct.  It may take a few seasons for the team and program to get completely back on track with solid depth, but there's no reason to give up.  Michigan will still have a shot at doing some success in the Big Ten and NCAA Tournament next year, but guys like Hardaway, Morgan, and McGary are going to have to contribute a lot.

Trey Burke has not officially declared, but fans should make sure they wish him the best of luck and not blame him for whatever decision he makes.  He has to look out for his best interests and not just that of the school and if going to the NBA is in his best interest, good luck.  Michigan basketball will survive, whether Burke returns or not, and fans need to remember that.

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  1. The one and done situation should be a concern for all coaches. The fact that there isn't even one suitable replacement on the team (or incoming freshmen) is a recruiting issue.