Sunday, May 6, 2012

Four Michigan Commits Get Invite To "The Opening"

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Aside from the Elite 11, there was also the NFTC on Saturday, and if you got picked, you earned a spot in the Opening. Michigan was well represented here with 4 getting an invite to "The Opening" later on: Shane Morris, David Dawson, Mike McCray, and Taco Charlton all took part in the events. However, Logan Tulley-Tillman, and Khalid Hill also made the trip to the event.

This was a loaded camp, and all 7 spots to the finals in Oregon were given to Michigan and Ohio commits. 4 to Michigan, 3 to Ohio. David Dawson took home OL MVP Honors, literally dominating all the opposition, including getting the best of touted Ohio commit Billy Price according to TomVH's reports.  There's a reason this kid is the #1 OG in the country and is still being heavily recruited. While some people worry, I think he's going to stay committed here.. David is all Michigan and he's going to be huge for the offensive line along with big man LTT. While Tillman didn't get an invite, he definitely showed his strength and why he's going to be the anchor for the Michigan offensive line. Leading the offense to winning all of the tug of war drills, he showed his size and strength are going to be something difficult for defenders to deal with in the future.

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Mike McCray definitely balled out as well, taking home Linebacker MVP honors. He showed his great athleticism and versatility, beating out some very stiff competition and earning an invite to the opening as well. Linebacker was a definite need for the coaches looking at the 2013 class and McCray is definitely one of the guys that was big in filling that need. Taco Charlton also got an invite, just bull rushing offensive linemen and everyone knows about his speed off the edge as always giving linemen fits. To me Taco is an elite passrusher and is going to be great at the next level getting in the backfield. Michigan has always been known for having great defense, these two guys definitely fit right in with that tradition and I'm excited to see them in maize and blue.

Coming off his Elite 11 MVP, Shane Morris was also here competing. While he didnt take away MVP honors at QB, he still performed and earned an invite to the Opening. I've said it before and I'll say it again, he's listed the #4 pocket passer on ESPN, but I definitely think that's going to change very soon. He's just going to keep proving people wrong and we will all see his ranking go up. TE Khalid Hill was also there today. To me he's underrated as well, (really all of Michigan's commits are in my opinion). While Khalid didn't earn an invite, he still performed well against some tough competition. Khalid is only rated a 3-Star on ESPN and I definitely think as he keeps on improving he's going to get the love that he deserves from all the experts and we will all see him go up. With the departure of Kevin Koger I like that we have a TE in Hill.  He will be a great addition to this offense in the future.

While all of the guys didn't get invites they did great and if people don't know about these future Michigan men, they better get to know them.  Team 134 is no joke and as this class closes, I believe it will remain the #1 recruiting class in the nation. All of these guys are elite prospects and will do great things for Michigan at the next level. It's a great sign that the class is so talented at the regional and national levels, is staying so close, and developing together.  Many recruiting classes don't unite until they arrive on campus in the fall for their freshmen year.  However, this class is different and is one of the main reasons why they should be a class to remember for Michigan fans.  For more details on the camp that I described above, check out ESPN.

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