Monday, May 7, 2012

Michigan Commit Shane Morris Wins Elite 11 MVP

Photo Credit: ESPN
I'm sure by now, if not everybody, most Michigan fans have heard of the Elite 11 competition. Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer heads it up, and they go around the country holding camps for the nation's most elite high school quarterback prospects. If a prospect wins their region, they get a chance to go to Los Angeles and compete in the national "Elite 11" competition.  There have been 6 finalists already, and they were looking for number 7 in Columbus on Friday. Well, ladies and gentlemen, they found him, in Michigan commit Shane Morris.

Now, this was no easy go for Shane. He recently competed in the Dallas regional and didn't get the invite. The coaches gave him things they wanted to see him improve on, so he worked hard, made the adjustments and has now earned his spot to the finals. Now when I say elite high school qb prospects, I'm not joking around. Some of the kids he beat out to get MVP were Malik Zaire, who is commited to Notre Dame, Ryan Burns, who is commited to Stanford, Max Staver, Luke DelRio, and Danny Etling who is commited to Purdue. These guys competed with Shane in the "pressure cooker" which is the final test that the coaches put the competitors through. Basically, if you miss a throw, you don't make the cut. Well Shane didn't miss a beat, showing that he's clutch at nailing all the throws and earned himself the MVP honors and the invitation to the finals.

Shane is going to be very hard to beat and I definitely see him being chosen to be one of the Elite 11 when it's all said and done. He's already a Michigan man and is going to be great once he gets to Ann Arbor. If you know somebody that doesn't know who he is, make sure they get to know him because, I for one, am pumped for Team 134 to get to A2 with Shane. Be sure to follow the Elite 11 in its further rounds.  Especially because the LA competition will be broadcast on national television.  I wish him luck and hope he continues to get better, prove naysayers wrong, and beat out all the competition this summer and this upcoming football season. 

On a side-note, since I wasn't actually there, I had to use a few other services for help.  If you want to check out more details about the competition, click here or here or here.

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