Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Rocky Start - Chris Rock Leaves Michigan

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     So, you all know by now that Chris Rock has left the team. The main idea from the public is that it was due to lack of playing time. A redshirt freshman last season, he might not have received a whole lot of playing time on the DL this season, when you consider the recruits coming in, such as Tom Strobel, Chris Wormley, and Mario Ojemudia. Rock, a 6'5 ft and 267 lb defensive end from Columbus, probably saw the writing on the wall. Rock is also the 13th player to have left the team since Brady Hoke arrived. However, the frequency of these departures is not necessarily something to be concerned about right now.  Some of them have been pretty solid for Michigan at times, but all left for specific reasons and I don't think Michigan is going to be hurt in the long run by these departures.

The following is a list of other players that have left the program:
  • Offensive Lineman - Tony Posada (out of football)
  • Receiver - Je'ron Stokes (Bowling Green)
  • Tight End - Christopher Barnett (unknown)
  • Linebacker - Kellen Jones (Oklahoma, then Clemson)
  • Defensive Back - Greg Brown (Findlay)
  • Receiver - Darryl Stonum (undecided)
  • Safety - Carvin Johnson (Hampton)
  • Linebacker - Isaiah Bell (unknown)
  • Center - Rocko Khoury (forewent fifth year)
  • Long-snapper - George Morales (forewent fifth year)
  • Tailback - Michael Cox (forewent fifth year, transferred to Massachusetts)
  • Receiver - Terrence Robinson (forewent fifth year)
  • Defensive End - Chris Rock (unknown)

     Every major college program experiences some sort of attrition. Look at the SEC and their much bally-hooed (yay, I used that phrase finally) process of over-signing. I know Michigan tries it's hardest to avoid these issues, but sometimes players or recruits can get the hint that they aren't performing up to expectations.  It could be academics. I'll be on the lookout to see if he transfers to play at another school. Until then, I wish Mr. Rock all the success in the world in his future endeavors.

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