Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2014 WR/SG Drake Harris To Decide Wednesday

One of the key 2014 recruits in the state will announce his decision this Wednesday.  He's from Grand Rapids and is one of the most interesting recruits you will see anywhere in the nation.  Not only has he received major offers for football, but he's also received major offers for basketball.  Now, whether he will play both sports in college is still up in the air, but that is still extremely impressive.  Plus, it really changes up the way in which schools recruit him.

Instead of having to offer him two scholarships, a school can get away with giving him one scholarship and having him walk-on the basketball team.  Michigan and MSU have taken this route with Harris, which could potentially save them one scholarship.  This means that if Harris goes to MSU or Michigan and decides to play both sports, he would have to walk-on the basketball team, but it's doubtful he would miss it since he's rated as a 4* recruit in basketball.

Now, Harris has narrowed his decision down to Michigan, MSU, and Notre Dame and hasn't specified his sport of preference at this point, leaving a lot for him to decide by Wednesday.  In an effort to get a better feel for Harris and his decision, we're going to have our basketball recruiting analyst, Thomas Beindit, and our football recruiting analyst, Tyler Fenwick, dive into the decision and make their comments and predictions below:

Thomas Beindit - Basketball Recruiting
This is an interesting decision on many levels.  Not only is there the challenge of predicting his college decision, but also the challenge of addressing his sport of choice.  Most of the analysts have predicted that Harris is headed to MSU.  He's had a long relationship with MSU's basketball coach Tom Izzo and Izzo has even commented about him playing both sports at MSU.  Now, having said that, there are some hold-outs that still predict him going to Michigan, such as Tremendous.  Having considered the decision myself, I'm going to have to go with MSU here.  Although I would like to think he's heading to Ann Arbor to play for Brady Hoke, I just think the connection with Izzo and the school's openness to a two sport athlete will give them the edge.  Michigan has been open to the idea, but I have my doubts about him playing both sports for four years, especially at Michigan with Hoke's demand for complete dedication to the program.  Harris has even admitted that he probably will go down to one sport in college, which makes me think his preferred sport will give him the edge.  To me, this is basketball and why he will be playing for Izzo in the future.

Tyler Fenwick - Football Recruiting
Drake Harris is going to end up being one of most unique recruits in the class of 2014, no matter which school he decides to go to. He obviously has his options wide open, and I don't think there's any doubt that this race has come down to Michigan and Michigan State, both schools with quality football and basketball programs. So, as Thomas pointed out above, it will most likely come down to how comfortable Harris is with both sports and the school. I think Brady Hoke would be open to giving Harris a shot to compete in both sports, but he would be on a very short leash. On the other hand, Tom Izzo seems to be more open to the idea. As a recruit persuing two sports in college, you have to think the advantage goes to the coach who is most open to the idea. Come Wednesday, I believe Drake Harris will take his spot on MSU's basketball team and then procede to walk on the football team. But, we also have to remember, it's never easy predicting the move of 16-year old hot shot.

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