Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting To Know 2014 WR Jaylan Grandison

Tonight, I was fortunate enough to talk to a 2014 WR out of Canada named Jaylan Grandison.  He recently camped at the 7-on-7 IMG in Auburn Hills, where he was having a great showing until he broke his collarbone in a collision with ND commit Jaylon Smith.  We discussed numerous things, including his recent injury and where he stands with his recruiting process.


Hoke's Mad Magicians:  Well first things first, how's the collar bone?

Jaylan:  Unfortunately I did break it, but I have already regained a lot of motion in it and it's only been a week and a half. When it first happened, the doctors told me it was going to take about 4-6 weeks until I could get back to playing.  In a few weeks, I'm following up with my doctor to get some x-rays done to see if it's healing properly.  If it's healing properly, I should be back to participating in camps sometime in July.

HMM: Oh, so not too much longer then. I'm sure it drives you nuts not being able to play?

Jaylan:  Haha yeah, all I can do now is watch football videos and wait on a full recovery, but at least I've been able to get in the gym and do cardio so when I get back on the field I won't be too out of shape.

HMM:  (His facebook picture is one of him at his Michigan visit) I noticed your profile picture, how'd the Michigan visit go?

Jaylan:  It was great, honestly probably the best visit I've been on so far. I loved everything about it, the state of the art facilities are what stood out to me the most.  And not to mention the stadium!!

HMM:  Have you heard anything from the coaches about a potential offer?

Jaylan:  Coach Singletary was telling me how they'd like to see more action of me against American competition, so that's one of the reasons why I'm strongly pushing towards attending a school in the states next fall.  I guess they don't trust Canadians hahaha.

HMM:  I've seen that two of the poential schools are Cass Tech or De LaSalle...any other options?

Jaylan:  Yeah, it's definitely between those two schools for the state of Michigan.  I've also been looking at Fort Union in Virginia and North Springs in Georgia.  I need to make a decision by the end of July.

HMM:  So, you still have a couple of months, are you going to be checking them out at all this summer?

Jaylan:  Yeah for sure, I'll be back in Michigan sometime in July and I'll visit Fort Union while i'm at the University of Virginia's junior day.

HMM:  Sounds like a busy summer for sure.  What schools have been in contact with you the most?

Jaylan:  Michigan, UCLA, Maryland.


That's how we ended the interview and it was definitely a great talk.  I wished Jaylan a speedy recovery with the collar bone and good luck on the high school that he chooses.  He told me that he would keep me posted on what school he decides on, so expect an update on him here in the near future.  I've seen his highlight tape, the kid appears to be very good and the real deal.  Hopefully the coaches like what they see once he starts playing competition here in America.  Below is some of his highlight footage, so you can check him out and see what I'm talking about.  I'll stay in contact with Jaylan throughout the whole process and keep you all posted. He's a great kid with a lot of talent and someone you should definitely keep an eye on.

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