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Getting To Know 2013 RB Commit Wyatt Shallman

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I actually got to talk to two members of Team 134 recently, the other being Kyle Bosch.  This one being Wyatt Shallman. Scout has him listed as a fullback, but he's probably more of an athlete that could be placed in several different positions on the field.  At 6'3" and 245 pounds Wyatt is a monster and is a 4* across the board.  I was able to have a nice chat with him and much like Kyle, I was impressed with how respectful he is.  A testament to the type of people Coach Hoke is bringing in.


Hoke's Mad Magicians:  #1 recruiting class in the nation...what's that mean to you?

Wyatt:  It's special, very cool accolade, but when we get to college none of that really matters.  Right now, I'm more excited for my Senior year of high school with my teammates.  Then I look forward to getting on campus and putting in work with all of these guys.  My main focus right now is enjoying summer and then winning a state championship in football for CC (Catholic Central).

HMM:  Any major plans this summer as far as football goes?

Wyatt:  No, not really. I just want to relax and get ready for Senior year.  I've camped at Grand Valley since I was 12, so I might go there just because it's something I do every year.  Mainly just want to be a kid and enjoy my summer break.

HMM:  Logan Tuley-Tillman and the "burning the letter" situation...what do you think?

Wyatt:  Death threat to kids? It's ridiculous.  I'm 16 and it's really not a big deal.  Should he have done it, maybe not.  But at the end of the day we are kids and people need to realize that.  Death threats are unneccessary and way over the top.  Recruits say stuff on twitter and facebook that are unnecessary all the time but nobody deserves to have their life threatened over it.

HMM:  How has twitter impacted the relationship you've built with Team 134?

Wyatt:  It's an interesting matrix that's for sure.  Twitter has definitely been a blessing in a way, but you have to be careful of what you say.  There's so much scrutiny and with all the attention that recruits get things can be turned into something negative real quick.  But I do have to say twitter has definitely done more good than it has bad.

HMM:  Did you grow up a Michigan fan?

Wyatt:  No, not really I didn't grow up having a "favorite" team.  My Mom and Dad are big Michigan fans, especially my mom.  She's crazy haha.  I honestly never even thought about college football until I started playing on Varsity.  I started getting offers and things like that so then it got serious.

HMM:  How do you feel about the whole recruiting process and are you glad to be commited and have it all out of the way?

Wyatt:  Definitely, it's a big deal to have it all out of the way.  It was very tiring, I'd get home from practice at 8 or 8:30 at night, have to call coaches and then have to do homework.  Play in a game one night, wake up early the next day and drive 16 hours to see a college game.  Don't get me wrong, it was a very fun learning experience, but I'm definitely excited to have it over with so I can focus on my Senior year and try to win a state title.

HMM:  You doing any sort of recruiting to help close the class out?

Wyatt:  Well, I might have closed the deal on Hurst haha.  I was up there with Hill and Dawson during his visit talking to him the whole time.  Now, I don't want to take all the credit from the coaches, but recruits like talking to people that have already made the decision, I think it helps them with the process.  I'm not going to say we need this person or that person, if someone makes a suggestion to me I might hit them up online or send them a text, but I'll leave all the other stuff to the coaches.

HMM:  What's something about you that we can't read on the recruiting sites?

Wyatt:  Well I carry a briefcase around with me at school.  I also lived in Singapore the first four years of my life because of my dad's job.  I don't really remember it  but I saw in a home movie that I was running down the beach, and all of a sudden I was running towards an alligator nest so my parents had to rescue me haha.


Wyatt was a great sport and fun to talk to.  He's another example of great character and the type of people Coach Hoke wants in the football program.  Sometimes we forget the youth of these recruits and I think it's evident with some of his comments.  He was really emphasizing just wanting to be a kid, enjoying his summer break, and working hard to play his Senior year.  I think with his size and athleticism, the coaches will be able to use him a number of ways.  I'll check in with Wyatt sometime in his senior year to see how things are going for him but I look forward to when he arrives at Michigan.

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