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Getting To Know 2014 OL James Hendren

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I had the pleasure tonight of chatting with 2014 OL prospect James Hendren out of Brookline, Massachusetts. He has been blowing up as of late and for good reason. He's 6'7" and weighs in at around 300 pounds. With the way Michigan has been recruiting offensive linemen, he would be a great fit in the system.  We talked about his interest in schools, especially the Wolverines, his plans for the summer, and what he's looking for in a school.

Hokes Mad Magicians: First thing's first, I've watched your highlight tape, you're a big dominant dude. Michigan has brought in some beast offensive linemen in the past couple of years and you definitely fit the description. How much interest have they shown and is there an offer on the horizon?
James:  Well I appreciate that. It's a real compliment. I actually try to model my game off of Jake Long, who's one of my idols. But yeah, they've shown some interest. They talk to my coach a lot because they can't talk to me directly yet. I was going to go out to camp this summer, but decided to do it next year for a visit so it would be much closer to my decision. And as to the offer, I sure hope there is! But in all seriousness we'll see what happens in the near future. I'll bet because I'm not going out this summer, my junior film will be meaningful and if they like that, I sure hope the coaches offer.

HMM:  You're  welcome. Jake Long #1 pick in the draft, was crazy good at Michigan and still is in the NFL, so that's a great person to idolize.  What's your interest level in Michigan? Especially if they do offer you? 
James:  Well I've been a Michigan fan since I was a kid. I love every single thing that they stand for as a football program, internationally renowned institution, and also as a group of people, from the coaching staff on through the players and every fan and media outlet I've had the opportunity and pleasure to talk to. They are well represented, better than most places to be precise, in just about every area that is to be represented. If they do offer, not only will I be stoked, but I'll also strongly consider the Wolverines, and would not be surprised if I ended up there  So needless to say, they'll be high up on my board for sure.

HMM:  Awesome. Yeah I've read in some articles that you're a big fan of Tom Brady. Can't go wrong with him. 
James:  Hahaha yeah well being a Boston bred guy, we grow up idolizing and appreciating hard work and he sort of drew me to UM as a fan. I told you I was a big Jake Long fan but wow, TB is above the rest for me.

HMM:  Ok so Michigan is high up there on the board. But what other schools are you looking forward to checking out?
James:  Well I'll see PSU, Northwestern, BC, and UVA this summer.Also I've heard from a bunch of others that I'll see in the next year or so.  Vanderbilt, Duke, Stanford, USC, Cal, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, UConn, among others and those ones that I mentioned.

HMM:  Wow impressive, any of those schools offer yet? or is it pretty much wanting to see you in camp and some junior film?
James:  I think it's the latter, being a Mass guy where the competition may be looked at as a little weaker than other places. That's flawed by the way,  because I play some good guys here and then am able to stack up well at national events I've gone to so at least I think it's flawed.

HMM:  Oh definitely. There's plenty of good talent out in the Northeast its just tough because of how talented the Midwest and California is but you're right you have done very well at national event. So are you doing any type of camps or events this summer? Or just relaxing and getting ready for junior season?
James:  Well, if I were to not do camps, I sure wouldn't be relaxing because we'll be in the weight room and on the field this summer basically every day. But I'll camp at Northwestern, Penn State, University of Virginia, and Boston College. No showcases or things like that though, I'll do the NFTC next spring and that should be it.

HMM:  Ah alright, busy schedule just from those camps alone I think you will see the offers to start heading your way.
James:  Well, I'm definitely hoping so. Hahaha everyone who I'm close with has been saying that, but until my first one comes in, I won't be letting up at all. And even after I'll be working for them.

HMM:  So is distance a big factor in what school you decide to go to?
James:  No, distance won't be a factor either way. Hahaha I'm looking about as far away as possible and as close as possible with Stanford 3000 miles away and BC about 3 from my school. Lol and both of those places I have interest in. But UVA and UM are more or less in the middle and I like that a lot too.

HMM:  So besides all of the football related stuff? What's probably the other major factor in your choice of a school? 
James:  Even ahead of football prestige or success for me is academics. Far and away the most important criteria for me to pick from. I think all or most of the schools that I mentioned previously are well represented there.

HMM:  Good call and they definitely are. As we all know ,football isn't forever so a great degree is something worth having that's great to hear you say that.
James:  My two sisters are at Dartmouth and Yale and I have to try to keep up at least, but luckily for me, their school won't be for free in terms of finances, and if all goes according to plan, mine hopefully will be. I'm excited about everything in terms of college. The football is the most exciting part for me naturally but will not be the most important, if you can see the contrast.  Also,  yes I definitely understand the 40 year decision vs. the 4 year one.

HMM:  So what kind of vibe are your parents giving you do they have a favorite school? 
James:  Well I only live with my dad and my stepmom but they like BC because it's right here or at least I think so. But I can tell you they won't object to any decision I might make when it comes time and they won't make their opinion either known, nor a factor. I'm very grateful for the support they're showing for me and all they do for me in that regard. But my dad also, if it means anything, also has sort of picked up my UM fanhood.

HMM:  Ohh gotcha, that's great them not giving a lot of pressure and letting you make your own decision.
James:  My Dad is a Dartmouth guy and sometimes he'll say "well what about the Ivy League?" just as sort of a prodding to me to get my blood going hahaha.  He's a good guy and funny about stuff like that.  He knows how well I'd do at a place like those because of how much of a priority I've placed on academics, but he's also very pleased with my dedication to a high level of football.  


Another great kid and I had a fun time chatting with him.  James is very impressive on the field and I'll attach his highlight film to show you why I say so.  But I think what's more impressive is his intelligence.  He's definitely got smarts in his genes as his father went to Dartmouth and his sisters went to Dartmouth and Yale. So one thing's for certain, he's got a high IQ and he told me that academics are the most important thing on his list. We all know Michigan fares well with that.  He spoke of being a huge Tom Brady fan and idolizing Jake Long, so naturally he's a Michigan fan.  That bodes well with us and he spoke very highly of Michigan.  I definitely foresee Michigan offering in the near future. As he said, it's probably more of just waiting to see more film right now.  He may not pull the trigger right away, but I definitely see him as a high possibility of going Blue.  James told me he'll stay in touch with me as his recruitment heats up, so I will definitely be posting some updates here in the future.  Hope you all enjoy and if you don't know about James do your homework haha.

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