Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting To Know 2014 Safety Nick Glass

Photo Credit: Rivals
Introducing 2014 Safety Nick Glass.  Right now, He is committed to Georgia, but he is still taking visits to other campuses. Nick is a 4* prospect and the Top safety in the state of Georgia.  He checks in at 6'1" and 196 pounds.  Some of you may question why get in touch with a Georgia commit? Well I'll tell you....he's taking a visit to Michigan in a couple of weeks.  I was able to talk to him tonight so here's what he had to say.


HOKE'S MAD MAGICIANS:  Well alright Nick...You're the top Safety in Georgia and arguably one of the top guys in the 2014 class. You committed pretty early...any big reason in that? Most guys,  especially ones of your caliber, wait a little while.

Nick:  I just had a strong feeling about Georgia at the time and I grew up a huge Georgia fan.

HMM:  Makes sense after all you are from there. So I saw on ESPN that you're taking a visit to Michigan here pretty soon. They showing a lot of interest?

Nick:  Yes they're showing a lot of interest and I've always loved UM.

HMM:  Has Michigan extended an offer yet?

Nick:  No not yet.

HMM:  So you're going on this visit here pretty soon....let's say you're absolutely blown away and they extend an offer, would that maybe make you ponder a decommitment from Georgia, or are you pretty solid with the bulldogs?

Nick:  I would really take it into consideration.

HMM:  What coaches are you hearing from the most?

Nick:  Coach Funk and Coach H.

HMM:  What do you think about the job that Coach Mattison was able to do with that defense last year?

Nick:  Oh it was huge! They were best in the Big 10.

HMM:  What are you looking forward the most in your visit at Michigan?

Nick:  Just creating a great relationship and building a bond with the players.

HMM:  So besides the Michigan visit, any other plans for this summer such as camps or more visits?

Nick:   I'll be checking out Ohio State, Notre Dame, Clemson, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Auburn.  Some of them I'll camp at along with the visit.

HMM:  Besides football what's another major factor you are looking for in these schools?

Nick:  Great academics, a great relationship with the coaching staff and players, great tradition, draft history, and a place where my brother could play too, he's a 2015 Corner.


Nick is committed to Georgia, but the fact that he wants to take visits could mean it's not quite done.  He said he loves Michigan and if we offer, who knows what will happen.  The kid is a solid player and someone to keep an eye out on.  I'll talk with him after his visit to get a reaction from him and see where he stands as far as committing and find out if the coaches extended an offer.  In my opinion, they should because he's very talented. I'll attach some highlights so you all can see what I'm talking about.  Very respectful and fun to talk to and definitely would be a good fit at Michigan.  Keep Mr. Glass on your radar and I'll have another update on him in the near future.

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