Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hoke's Mad Magicians Goes To The Magazine Rack

Over the summer and fall, fans are bombarded with an almost never-ending onslaught of college football previews, in the form of websites, television shows, and magazines.  Well, in an exciting announcement, Hoke's Mad Magicians' writer Thomas Beindit will be featured in this fall's edition of the Lindy's Sports' college football preview for the 2012 Michigan Wolverines.

Lindy's Sports started in 1982 with a SEC college football preview and is "widely recognized as one of the nation's top preseason sports magazines".  They release preseason magazines covering everything including college football, the NFL, and the MLB.  This year, they have expanded their coverage of the Big Ten and Michigan football with a new magazine called "In the Huddle".

The magazine features 112 pages of some of the best Michigan coverage you will find anywhere.  Coverage includes extensive schedule analysis, position-by-position profiles, coaches and players features, and a historical feature.  If you truly want to be prepared for the 2012 Michigan season, this is a great magazine to buy and will be an enjoyable read for casual and die-hard fans.

The article by our own Thomas Beindit is a feature regarding Devin Gardner and his new role in Michigan's offense.  Thomas has covered the topic before when he wrote about Gardner's chances at wide receiver next fall here.  However, the article featured in Lindy's Sports is much more detailed, featuring analysis of Gardner's potential role at wide receiver in terms of talent, depth and recruiting.

Here is a small preview of the upcoming article:

"...However, what Michigan’s coaches were about to do would defy the basic logic that had governed Michigan’s team all season.  They were going to move Denard away from the quarterback position and line him up as a wide receiver.  Instead of Denard, Devin Gardner would be taking the snaps from under center.  What was the purpose of the move?  Some pointed to the beginning of a quarterback controversy, but most pointed to a desire to get Gardner on the field in some way.
Devin Gardner, standing 6’4” and weighing 205 lbs, is an impressive athlete.  Not only does he have a strong arm, but he has amazing speed and a unique ability to avoid defenders.  He may not be as skilled as Robinson under center or at reading defenses, but he is incredibly talented and having both him and Robinson on the field at the same time, in theory, is a major advantage for Michigan...."

If you're interested in buying the 2012 Michigan preview by Lindy's Sports, please check out the link below.  The magazine is a great buy and is well worth the $9.99:  In the Huddle - Michigan

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