Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Musings

Former President Gerald Ford played football at Michigan in the 1930s.
Usually I tend to stick with one topic for an article, but I'm going to branch out tonight and touch on multiple topics.

1. I know my colleague wrote about Brady Hoke's comments about bringing back the No. 48 jersey, for whatever reason, here. While I do agree with what he says, I want to emphasize a couple things.
1a. Gerald Ford's #48 is a retired number. Save for MLB and every player wearing Jackie Robinson's No. 42, I don't think I've ever heard of any team, in any sport, un-retiring a number for this purpose. I've agreed with most decisions that Hoke has made so far, but I can't agree with this one.
1b. It's President Gerald Ford. Now, I support every retired number Michigan has, and I think there should be a couple more. Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson for example. But, President Ford holds a hallowed space in Michigan lore for being the President. No other player in the Big Ten has been able to say that, and unless Tom Brady decides to run for prez when he's done with the NFL, I don't see it happening again. I gotta say it would help having Gisele Bundchen as a First Lady---we would be the envy of other countries in that aspect.
1c. I know the football off season is long, both college and pro, but please stop putting emphasis on what number a certain player is going to wear. I know in the age of media now things can become blown up a lot faster than they used to, but does it really matter outside of who might wear the No. 1? Not really.

2. A lot has been made about the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers singing "The Victors" after the show was done last Monday in Columbus, and rightfully so. Keep in mind he grew up in Bloomfield Hills, and Anthony Kiedis grew in the the Grand Rapids area. I think most Michigan fans will become more hardcore RHCP fans now. I know I will.
3. Apparently there were some rumors swirling that Hoke had rescinded the scholarship offer to Jaron Dukes. I read an interview he gave after this and that's all it is--rumors. He suggested that maybe the rumor started on an Ohio message board and that very well could be true. He lives in Ohio and hasn't gotten an offer from them, so it stands to reason they'd mess with us in some way. Rest assured, he's still coming to A2.
4. I've also seen a few articles that debate whether or not our 2013 recruiting class is better than Alabama's. It makes sense for people to think that way since we open our 2012 season playing against them in Dallas, but it does not affect our 2013 class. I do enjoy hearing about it for two reasons though--they're comparing us to one of those "SEC" teams, and it's ex-Sparty coach Saban. That's it for me.

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