Monday, June 25, 2012

Top Priorities for 2013 Class

Photographed are current commits QB Shane Morris (left) and DB Jourdan Lewis (right).  They are just two members of the current top recruiting class in the country for the Michigan Wolverines.  But the real question that's on my mind and pretty much all Michigan fans that really follow recruiting is how does Coach Hoke close this class out.  With commit #22 coming in with Channing Stribling this week, many have the opinion that Michigan will only take 2 more recruits for this class.  

I say they take 3.  Some people don't like the commitment of Stribling, mostly because they were wanting the coaches to hold out for guys such as Kendall Fuller, Leon McQuay, etc., which makes sense, but maybe the coaches know something that we don't.  There seems to be a concensus that Fuller has Va. Tech and Clemson as his leaders and Michigan will lose out on him.  McQuay, I'm not too sure, but he seems far from making a decision.  In my the coaches, they know what they are doing.  So I'm going to put out a few names that I think may close the class out.

The top guy I believe that is on the coaches' board is WR Laquon Treadwell.  He's the top receiver in the state of Illinois and has high interest for Michigan.  General concensus is that he's at the top of Michigan's board and for good reason because he's crazy talented.  He's tweeted interest in USC, as of late, so they could pose to be some major competition.  I think that with the recent commitments that the Trojans have gotten, I don't see them having room for Laquon.  We will see, but he's definitely a person of high interest and one that I am hoping decides to come to Michigan.  Below are some of Treadwell's highlights from Core6Athletes.

Next Up is someone who would fill another need for Michigan, RB Derrick Green. Kid is an absolute monster and we all know the coaches want to add another RB to the class and this is definitely the guy that would be it in my eyes.  He has shown pretty high interest in Michigan and he is touted as the top back in the nation by Rivals.  With Michigan's impressive 2013 offensive line recruiting, it would seem logical for Green to want to come to Michigan.  He has said he wants to play in a pro style offense and that is what the coaches are going to use in the future.  Big, strong, powerful offensive linemen and a pro-passer in Shane Morris they just need the big time running back and I think Green is it.  I don't think he would fill as big of a need as Treadwell, but he is very well up at the top of the coaches board.  I don't think he's going to commit anytime soon, but I do think the coaches would hold out for him.

While these are only two names, they are very important ones and I think they are at the top of the board for Michigan. Now, what's the likelihood of them committing to Michigan? I would say Michigan has pretty good chances to land both of them.  Obviously, there are other guys out there, but I believe these two are definitely the two big priorites for Michigan.  They're both immensely talented and both positions are definitely needed in the 2013 class.  There are other guys out there like Alvin Bailey and Jordan Wilkins, but I believe Bailey wants to play with his teammate Leon McQuay and with the recent commit of Stribling, I just don't see McQuay commiting to Michigan based on the limits of class size.  As far as Jordan Wilkins, he seems to be pretty high on Auburn and nearly committed after his visit, so I see that pair up happening in a matter of time.  There are other guys out there as well, but these two are Michigan's biggest priorities in my mind and would be huge to fill the class out and definitely solidify it as the top in the nation.  Now, if they don't commit who do they go to? I'll have another post with some names as far as good guys and definitely not bad options if Michigan is to miss out on these two.

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