Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updated ESPN150, Michigan Continues to Dominate

The Wolverines continue to dominate the 2013 recruiting class with players like Shane Morris, David Dawson, and Logan Tuley-Tillman. Michigan has 11 commits in the newest updated ESPN150 list, and now we break them down.

32. Shane Morris (QB)
It's no surprise that Shane Morris is still the top 2013 recruit for the Wolverines. As the first big-time recruit at QB for Brady Hoke, Morris has already made a loud name for himself by winning MVP honors at the Columbus Elite 11 camp. Everyone is very excited to get this kid on campus, and it's easy to see why.

At 6'3", 190 pounds, Shane Morris is primarily a pocket passer, although he has shown the ability to move around in the pocket if need be. Most analysts refer to Morris as having the strongest arm in his class. The only major concern I can see at this point is accuracy. Through the Elite 11 process, Morris has shown streaks of brilliance in delivering the ball on a string, but he needs to work on making that a consistent outcome. He has the arm strength to put the ball just about wherever he wants it.

Other Notable Offers: Alabama, Cincinnati, Michigan State.

64. Gareon Conley (CB)
There's quite a gap between Shane Morris and Gareon Conley, but don't let the space fool you. Conley is a very solid CB out of Washington High School in Massillon, OH.  He is currently rated the 2nd best prospect out of the state of Ohio, making him the highest rated "steal" for Brady Hoke and company.

Conley's greatest attribute to the Michigan defense will be his ability to defend one-on-one. He stands at 6'1", has very good instincts, and is exceptionally quick. Michigan did a very good job picking him up early; Conley will be rising on a lot of teams' recruiting boards. The next step of development for Conley will be developing his strength. Going one-on-one in the Big Ten will be much more difficult than in high school, and building up his body is one of the most important steps to take with this adaptation.

Other Notable Offers: Northwestern.

89. David Dawson (OG)
David Dawson is nothing short of a monster at the Guard position. Ranked first at his position and 2nd in the state of Michigan, Dawson has, to this point, been one of the biggest pick-ups for Brady Hoke, especially considering the need for O-linemen for the Wolverines.

Dawson does a very nice job in creating holes and blocking for the running game, something Michigan really wants to start using full-force under offensive coordinator Al Borges. He will be a very key part to the Michigan offense from the start in 2013.

Other Notable Offers: Alabama, Arkansas, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Missouri, Oklahoma State, USC, West Virginia.

92. Jourdan Lewis (CB)
Jourdan Lewis has not been a very sought after player heading into his senior year of high school, but the more we learn about him, the more Michigan fans are growing excited to see him play in a winged helmet. Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison liked what they say early from the 5'10" CB and snatched him up before his stock rises.

Lewis is another player who finds his strength in the one-on-one game. He has very good football smarts, gets a good jump on the ball, can read the quarterback's eyes to get an advantage, and has above average hands for a defensive specialist.

Other Notable Offers: Toledo.

97. Logan Tuley-Tillman (OT)
Logan Tillman has grown to be one of the most talked about recruits in the country, not necessarily because of his play on the field, but his bold action of burning a letter from Ohio State. But that's a completely different story. On the field, Tillman is a scary young man on the line.

At 6'7", 314 pounds, Tillman is going to a very valuable weapon on the O-line in 2013 when he straps up for Michigan. He is a very physical lineman who specializes in opening up lanes for the running game. And, I hate to bring it back up again, but Tillman has already put some weight on himself with Ohio State letter situation, which is going to cause him to have to come to Ann Arbor and really back himself up with his play on the field.

Other Notable Offers: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida State, Illinois, Iowa, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, USC.

98. Dymonte Thomas (ATH)
Dymonte Thomas was a very electric, exciting play maker in high school at Marlington in Alliance, OH. Thomas primarily played CB in high school but also played at some RB and Safety. He is a very versatile player who can create for himself and is very elusive in the open field.

Thomas's speed is not exceptional, but he does a tremendous job of making defenders miss and not going down on first contact. He could have a spot on the team at a number of positions with that kind of strength and instinct, including punt and kick returns.

Other Notable Offers: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Ohio State, Notre Dame.

104. Mike McCray II (OLB)
Mike McCray is yet another familiar name for both Wolverine and Buckeye fans, and he was born and raised in Trotwood, OH. As the first 2013 recruit to turn in at triple digits, McCray is looking to make some serious noise in his final year of high school football. He is out to prove himself to be even better than already projected.

McCray is a classic sized LB at 6'3", 225 pounds, but he has the power to deliver hits that are anything but average. He will be a very nice tool to have for Greg Mattison because of his pure football instincts and the ability to drop back into coverage. In my opinion, McCray is one the most underrated Wolverine recruits for the 2013 class.

Other Notable Offers: Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State, Virginia.

108. Chris Fox (OT)
With a last name like Fox, you have to be good, right? While that may not be the specific connection, Chris Fox is committed to help the Wolverines in 2013. It's especially great to see the "OT" next to his name; an Al Borges offense cannot have too many linemen.

Fox has average size for a lineman, but it's his speed and power that separates him from most. With a smaller frame, he is able to concentrate his power for the benefit of the ball carrier behind him, and a developing Wolverines running game will love that.

Other Notable Offers: Iowa, Ohio State.

112. Patrick Kugler (OG)
Patrick Kugler is another great addition to the O-line for the 2013 class, and it will be a lot of fun to watch him play. Despite being this low in the rankings, Kugler actually stands at 4th among all offensive guards.

Kugler reminds me a lot of Chris Fox; average-sized but very powerful. He is very useful for opening up holes for the running game but it also capable of protecting the quarterback very well. And, perhaps the biggest up for Kugler, he is a very physical lineman who will not wear down in the long haul.

Other Notable Offers: Florida, Florida State, Michigan State, Notre Dame.

114. Taco Charlton (DE)
Taco Charlton is a name that continues to pick up attention in the recruiting war between Michigan and Ohio. While Charlton isn't necessarily a top recruit out of the Buckeye state, he is just another clear indication that the Buckeyes will no longer have automatic rights to their in-state stars.

Charlton, besides having a really cool first name, is going to help make a name for himself by racking up the sacks. He is explosive off the line, gets off the block, and simply sniffs out the football. Now, it will be quite the transition from high school football to the Big Ten, but I am very excited to see how Taco Charlton contributes to the Wolverine defense in 2013.

Other Notable Offers: Illinois, Nebraska, Notre Dame, UCLA.

120. Kyle Bosch (OG)
Kyle Bosch rounds off the Wolverines 2013 recruiting class in the ESPN150 list as a powerful offensive guard. Bosch is a kid who could really see some rising in the ESPN150 as time goes on, perhaps a bigger jump than any other Michigan recruit.

Bosch, at 6'5" 285 pounds, depends heavily on his lower body strength, making upper body strength a personal point of attack before strapping on the winged helmet. That gives me hope that he could turn out to be one of the quieter pickups that has the biggest impact.

Other Notable Offers: Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Michigan State.

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