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Top Ten (6-10) Players From Ten Year War Part 1

The Ten Year War is viewed as the most iconic time period in Michigan football history by most fans and analysts because of how it changed "The Game" and the path of both Michigan and Ohio State. The face of those ten years is obviously Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes, but there a large number of impactful players who had their say in "The Game" through this time. So we are counting down the top ten Wolverine players to strap on the winged helmet during the Ten Year War.

10. Marty Huff (LB)
 Marty Huff played at LB for three years for the Michigan Wolverines, two of which during the Ten Year War (1969 and 1970). Huff was honored as an All-American in 1970 after one of the best single-year performances from a Michigan LB in school history. He recorded 124 tackles (one for loss) and five INTs for a total of 85 yards in his All-American season.

Through his two years competing in the Ten Year War, Huff recorded 250 tackles, along with 8 INTs. He was very well capable of defending both the run and the pass, called the signals for the defense, and won the John Maulbetsch Trophy a the top freshman in the country. Huff scored a TD as a sophomore, intercepting a pass and returning it 44-yards.

With no argument, Marty Huff had his best game against the Buckeyes during his All-American season of 1970. He racked up an incredible 13 total tackled, 10 of which were solo. He was a dominant force for the Wolverines in "The Game."

9. Rob Lytle (RB)
Rob Lytle (1974 - 1976) was a very versatile RB for the Wolverines is his three years. He broke 1,000 total yards on the ground in back-to-back seasons in '75 and '76, and he had the ability to come out of the backfield and turn into a dump-off option for QB Rick Leach during the '76 season. Lytle was honored as an All-American and finished third in Heisman voting in his senior season of 1976. Along with that, Lytle set a conference record with 180 yards on 10 carries against Michigan State in that same year.

In 1975, Rob Lytle rushed for 1040 yards on 193 carries and 10 TDs. He followed up that season with 1474 yards on 221 carries and 14 TDs. Most of his career damage was done in those ten years, but Lytle was also honored as the best freshman in the nation on 1974, a year in which he gained a total of 802 yards on 140 carries.

Rob Lytle waited until his last match up against Ohio State to really bust open. In that game in 1976, Lytle rushed for 167 yards on 29 carries, adding a TD. He was a consistent producer in "The Game" for three years and made a sizable impact for the Wolverines.

8. Randy Logan (DB)
Randy Logan started his career at Michigan as a wingback but then transitioned to DB during his junior year, continuing to carry on the great tradition of DBs at Michigan. Logan was named an All-American for the 1972 season and also voted a team co-captain.

Logan put together very successful seasons during his two years as DB with Michigan. He was very good at stopping the run, and then, in 1972, also developed a pass-defense side to his game, recording four INTs.

Randy Logan never really had a stand-out game against the Buckeyes in "The Game." However, it's not like he wasn't productive. He did his part for the Wolverines with 13 total tackled as a DB, including one for loss.

7. Mike Taylor (LB)
Mike Taylor is considered by many to be one of the finest LBs in Michigan football history because of his run-stopping ability, coupled with his will to also stop the passing game. During his senior season with the Wolverines, Taylor was named to just about every All-American team.

Looking at career stats for Mike Taylor, he was a player that started off very good as a freshman and still found a way to consistently improve over the rest of his career. In the end, Taylor had compiled 316 total tackles, along with 4 INTs (two of which in his senior season).

Taylor was a very powerful force against Ohio State in his time in the winged helmet. He continued his career trend of being both a run and pass stopping MLB by recording 23 total tackles and one INT in three years.

6. Billy Taylor (RB)
Billy Taylor is one of the best RBs to ever compete at the University of Michigan. He broke the Michigan career rushing record in one three seasons. His 587 attempts were more than any previous Wolverine runner. He finished 2nd to Tom Harmon in career touchdowns at Michigan with 32 and points with 194. Taylor was also a three-time All-Big Ten runner.

Taylor spent all three years competing in the Ten Year War, and, as a RB, he got better and better each season carrying the ball. He capped off his yards in 1971 with 1,297 total yards.

Taylor was always very good in "The Game" against the Buckeyes. The Ohio State defense never really had any kind of an answer for one of the best backs in Michigan history. He is considered to be one of the most impactful players during his years with Michigan.

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