Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Close The 2013 Recruiting Class?

Just wanted to do a quick post on who I think the last couple spots go two in 2013.  There are many who place the scholarship limit at 24 for 2013, which leaves 1 spot.  However, I think that with these pending offseason issues, the potential for depth losses, and the chance of someone entering the NFL Draft early, I think the class will probably have 25 recruits.

The conceived options are WR Laquon Treadwell and RB Derrick Green.  These two guys are among the best at their respected positions and if one pulls the trigger before the other, I can't possibly see the coaches turning the other one away.  These kids are both top notch and have high interest in the Wolverines. I think the more likely of the two to commit first would be Treadwell even though he has a pending visit to Oklahoma State.  Derrick Green is visiting for the bbq, but I don't possibly see him pulling the trigger so soon in the process.  Still plenty of time for him to make up his mind.. 

Now, who do the Wolverines miss out on? Well, I'm going to give you two names and I'll tell you why.  With Ross Douglas committing (very good player and I love the pick up) that means that it's likely Leon McQuay and his teammate Alvin Bailey will be going elsewhere.  The reports I have read indicate that they want to play together and there's lots of talk that Vanderbilt is McQuay's leaders.  With this, the decision to go after Douglas only makes sense.  Some will argue that McQuay is the better player and that's up to debate, but I think it was a great move going after Douglas because DB was a need the coaches wanted to fill. 

Don't expect the 2013 recruiting class to be closed out quickly, as I believe Treadwell and Green will take a bit to make up their minds, but I do see the coaches waiting out on one if not two.  Now, that depends on if they are able to take both players, which I can definitely see them doing.  Of course, normal circumstances apply such as scholarship limits and the decisions of other players.  Pay attention to the recruitment of Treadwell and Green because I believe it's down to these two guys to complete this great class.

There is also much dispute over the Penn State feeding frenzy and where that leaves other schools in the recruiting process, especially Michigan.  Right now, nobody can be certain what will happen.  There have been reports that Penn State running back Silas Redd has expressed interest in going to USC, but other than him, not a lot has surfaced.  Redd is a great player and any school that gets him will have a big advantage next season.  Don't expect a ton of action regarding this front other than 2013 Penn State decommits.  We have seen in the past that there are a lot fewer transfers from sanctioned schools than many expect.

As the Penn State, Green, and Treadwell situations progress, we can only stay tuned.  The main development right now is that Green will be at the BBQ at the Big House this weekend.  Don't expect a commitment this weekend, but this will probably be the best chance Michigan has at getting his services.  They need to make a good impression and we can only hope Hoke continues his recruiting success. 

Laquon Treadwell, Shane Morris

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