Monday, July 16, 2012

USC Takes Over Top Spot On Rivals for 2013 Team Rankings

According to Rivals, Michigan has been surpassed in the 2013 Team Rankings.  Picking up their most recent commit today from 4-star DB Jalen Ramsey, the Trojans have passed the Wolverines.  Most say that when new individual player rankings come out in August Ramsey is likely to pick up his 5th Star.  What is incredible is that USC is operating with scholarship reductions for the 2013 class.  

Scout and ESPN have yet to update their team rankings so I'm curious to see what they do with things.  I'll give you a quick breakdown comparing each team's class as they are viewed on Rivals.  You can be the judge regarding whether you agree and I'll give my opinion at the end of which team I think has the best class.

First the Wolverines.  Getting off to the extremely quick start, they moved up to top spot almost automatically after that "Christmas in February."  With 22 commits, Michigan is tied with second most in the country trailing only Texas A&M.  But the talent is definitely loaded and is led by an All-American QB who I believe will end up being a 5-star in Shane Morris.  Per Rivals, the Wolverines have 14 commits who are ranked as a 4*, which is tied for most in the country with LSU.  The class also has six 3-star commits and 2 commits ranked "other."  Their total average is 3.55 for stars and they have a point total of 2,569.  This class is very loaded and a vast majority of them have All-American game invites and have chosen to play in them.  It's very deep talent wise and as I have said in the past with the growing improvements of the individuals their stock will rise and undoubtedly bringing the ranks of the class even higher.

Now let's go over the numbers for USC.  Picking up their 15th commit today brings the Trojans' total to three 5-star commits and twelve 4-star commits.  Their star average is 4.20 and they have a point total of 2,652 (93 better than Michigan).  USC has received quite a few pledges as of late from the likes of Eddie Vanderdoes, Jalen Ramsey (today), Ty Isaac, and Su'a Cravens, to name a few.  Some of these guys are ranked at the top of their position or are in the conversation for the top spot.  While USC has a ton of talent in this class, it's definitely not as deep as Michigan's largely because of their limited class size.

Now the great debate....does USC or Michigan deserve to be top class? Well, people can make arguments for both schools and they would be very good and convincing ones.  While each class is deserving of the top rank, there can only be one.  At this point in time I would have to give the nod to the Trojans.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Michigan fan and I love the Wolverines, but if you go based off the sheer numbers you'd almost have to give it to them.  Would I take Shane Morris over Max Browne?? In a heartbeat.  We have the top OG in the country in David Dawson, but the fact is that a lot of Michigan's commits just aren't getting as much love right now.

I believe that I have to be unbiased and neutral in my viewing and off the sheer numbers, USC has the better class.  Their star average is an incredible 4.22 and they have nearly 100 more points than Michigan but they have 7 fewer commits.  It's really incredible to see.  Now if Michigan closes the class with LaQuon Treadwell (many think it will happen) and say a Derrick Green, Leon Mcquay, or Paul Harris (USC in the hunt also) then Michigan will definitely have the best class.  Given USC can only take a couple more guys with the pending possibilities that Michigan has to close the class out with I believe they will be the top class in the end.  

It really all depends on what USC does with their few remaining spots but the issue is who has the better class right now.  I might hear some hell over this from my fellow Michigan fans and that's fine we are all passionate.  But looking at the numbers and the body of work it's very close but gotta give the nod to the Trojans.  I hate to do it, but I have to.  I love Michigan's class top to bottom so don't get me wrong and I wouldn't trade away anybody.  But the numbers tell a different story at this point and I have to go with USC right now.

Now, this is going solely off the rankings given by Rivals and just my opinion.  If you start adding other sites, this argument could change somewhat, but with the way things are laid out by Rivals right now, USC has a major advantage.  Perhaps things change with some recruits like Shane Morris getting more love, but as of now, I just can't side with Michigan.  Either way, both schools are bringing in some great classes.

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  1. U of M adding 2 more high 4 star people will bump us past USC......until they fill out their last 3 spots by adding 2 high 4 star and 1 more 5 star to their class. They still have top talent looking at playing at USC. I see USC finishing at the top of the Rivals rankings. I am very excited about the class Michigan has put together, but USC is winning this cycle.