Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Introducing 2013 Prospect Reggie Cameron

Even though it's only July 2012 and Michigan hasn't had a basketball player commit since early August 2011, Michigan's 2013 basketball recruiting is beginning to reach its conclusion.  Yes, there are numerous targets that Michigan is still watching and pursuing, but in all reality, most of them will probably end up somewhere else and if Michigan does add to its 2013 recruiting class, it will probably only be 1 person.  Despite this, one of the prime candidates to fill this spot is Reggie Cameron, a player from New Jersey.

Cameron brings a full array of talents to the court that separate him from many other players.  His clearest talent is his ability to shoot the ball, particularly from the outside.  He identifies this as his best skill and even checking out one highlight film will show this is his best skill.  He also has the ability to set some pretty solid picks on the offensive side and play different defensive positions.  He can guard either the 3 or the 4 position, which can make him very useful on both sides of the ball.  I would like to see him improve on his interior offensive play and some rebounding.  Granted, he plays the small forward position, so he's not really expected to do either, but at 6'7" I think he could make a larger impact in both areas.

Here are the basic listings for Cameron:

210 lbs
215 lbs
205 lbs
200 lbs
130 lbs
Position Rank
National Rank

Despite a few areas where Cameron's ratings differ, they are pretty similar across the board.  His height and weight are all listed about the same, except for the random 130 lbs listing on Future150.  Not sure if this is just me, but I kind of doubt he's 6'7" and weighs 130 lbs.  I mean, is that even possible?  His position also differs, which I will address in the paragraph below.  His national ratings also differ somewhat, but just about all the sites have him listed in the top 100 players in the country, where he belongs.  Not sure if he's quite good enough to warrant the #62 from ESPN, but I don't think he's as low as Rivals and 247 has him.

As for his position, I really think he will be playing small forward in college.  He has the size to be able to play power forward, but the things to note in this discussion have to do with his skill-set.  If he was an amazing interior player, he would probably get some legitimate time as a power forward.  However, his offensive weapon is his distance shooting.  Yes, big men can shoot from the outside too, but I think he would do best at the 3 position because he will have more opportunities to use his shooting abilities and help the guards by setting some solid picks.  Another thing to note is that he will still be able to play defense on some bigger men.  Cameron could be a wildcard if a coach wants to play small, offering him differing skill-sets on both sides of the court.

So where does Michigan stand with Cameron?  Right now, Michigan is still in the race, but things are definitely not looking too great.  Beilein has not offered Cameron at this point and the question is whether that has to do with 2013 roster space or with Cameron's impending decision.  If a coach truly believes they are not in the recruiting race, they may decide not to offer a scholarship.  I'm not sure that's the reason for Cameron's situation, but it could be possible.  He recently got a offer from Indiana and expressed a lot of excitement about the offer and the program.  He should be cutting down his list to seven schools anytime soon and I definitely think Indiana will be among them.  I think Michigan has a good chance as well, but until a scholarship is offered, you can't feel too great about getting a commitment from Cameron.

Here's his highlight video:

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