Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recapping 2012 Commit Matthew Godin

There are many offseason questions for Michigan's 2012 team.  How will the team fare against the brutal schedule?  How will Denard Robinson progress?  How will the team respond to the likely loss of Fitz Toussaint?  However, some of the biggest questions have revolved around Michigan's inexperience in the defensive line and how the team was going to replace key seniors Mike Martin and Ryan Van Bergen.  There are a few upperclassmen set to play, but one of the 2012 recruits that could potentially fill this void is Matthew Godin.

Godin is an impressive athlete that has the potential to play multiple positions on the defensive line.  According to the fall media guide, he weighs 270 lbs, which is pretty impressive for a true freshman.  What should lend more confidence is that he comes from the same high school as Mike Martin, which means he's been going through some intense strength workouts during his time there.  His best characteristic according to the scouting services has been his impressive size, which seems to make sense.  However, there seems to be a consensus among scouting services and Michigan blogs about his raw technique.  If he's going to see the field in 2012 and be productive, he's going to have to take a big step forward with his technique.  The big area that needs work are his hands, according to Scout.

Here are the basic listings for Godin:

260 lbs
270 lbs
265 lbs
265 lbs
Position Rank
National Rank

Godin has some interesting ratings according to the scouting services.  His height and weight are virtually identical across the board, but there is a split in terms of his position.  Usually, Rivals is pretty accurate with these types of projections, but I really do believe Godin will be a strong side defensive end for the next year or two.  Maybe he can move inside if the team needs it, but I think strong side will be his primary position.  His ratings are also about the same with the exception of 247, but they seem to be much more of an outlier here than anything else.

There is actually a pretty good chance that Godin sees the field in 2012.  Michigan had some great players at defensive end, but Van Bergen is now graduated.  This leaves a big opportunity for Godin and the other 2012 freshmen.  I think Craig Roh has to be the favorite to start at the strong-side, but Godin certainly can snag the backup spot and with the way Mattison has rotated the defensive line, there is a chance for some serious playing time.

The only thing that really could stop Godin from getting playing time is the development of the other 2012 recruits.  Yes, there isn't a ton of depth at strong side, but there are also a ton of contenders for the backup position.  Nathan Brink and Keith Heitzman are already on the team and have some experience.  Along with this, the 2012 recruits, Tom Strobel and Chris Wormley, will also be going for a starting or a backup spot.  I think Godin can beat out Strobel since he's a likely candidate for a redshirt, but Wormley should bring a lot of competition to the field.  He's already at 268 lbs and may have just as much or more raw talent than Godin.

Of course, the battle for the position will be out of the public eye during training camp, but one can't help but speculate for the fall.  I think a coin flip could decide who wins the backup role, but I do believe both Godin and Wormley will see the field at some point in the year.  Could be garbage time or it could be in some big games, but it's hard to project with two true freshmen.  Either way, Godin could be a great contributor on the defensive line in the future with his ability to play multiple spots.

Here's his highlight video:


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