Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updating The 2013 ESPN100's Michigan Commits And Targets

In some of the better news of the offseason for Michigan basketball, ESPN has released their updated rankings for the 2013 class.  This takes all of the summer play that has occured into account so they can adjust their rankings.  Although these rankings are not cemented and are just about guaranteed to change before the players get on campus, this is when the list starts to get pretty solidified and it's much rarer to see players move too far up and down.  The scouts have finally gotten a good look at just about everyone and have seen for themselves whether they are the real deal or not.

Just a few quick reminders.  First, I have generally found that ESPN's basketball recruiting coverage has been the best of all the major recruiting services.  It's not perfect, but it has been the best.  Other services have done some great things and I think that they have improved in some areas, but overall, I still give the nod to ESPN.  The most important thing, however, is to compare where recruits are placed on different lists.  If a person uses just one or two services, they are probably going to get a limited idea of a recruit's potential.  Combining different recruiting services, offer lists, and videos seems to be the bes method for review.  You can see all the major scouting rankings for each class here.  Regardless, here are the rankings for the ESPN100 in 2013:


There are many things that should be addressed here, but let's look at the overall picture first.  Michigan has two top 30ish commitments and another player that has been able to sneak inside the top 100 players in the country.  That's a great haul for any class and is one of the major reasons that ESPN has Michigan ranked #2 in the 2013 recruiting class.  Not too many people believe the Wolverines will stay there when all is said and done, but not too many believed Irvin would be rated this high or that Michigan would be able to compete with schools like North Carolina and MSU at all.  So there's no verdict on where Michigan will finish in the 2013 rankings quite yet.

One of the hottest recruits in the country, Zak Irvin.  ESPN had him ranked second in Michigan's recruiting class at #61 for quite awhile, but they have now vaulted him up to #21 and rightfully so.  He's had a huge summer and has impressed just about everyone that has watched him.  There has even been some talk about him qualifying as a McDonald's All-American and as a 5* recruit when all is said and done.  Irvin had been one of the most underrated players in the nation, particularly by Scout, up to this point and it's nice to see him finally get some accolades.  His recruiting rise has reminded me of Glenn Robinson III, who ended up being Michigan's highest ranked 2012 commit, but they are entirely different players.  I think Irvin can rise more and could be the most talented player in the state of Indiana in the 2013 class.  With the Hoosiers on the rise, getting that kind of talent out of the state of Indiana is incredible.

Walton has also moved up a tad, but is still about the same, since he was previously ranked #39.  Donnal, on the other hand, has experienced a pretty significant drop.  I hinted that this might happen when I was evaluating him awhile back, but I wasn't expecting that much of a drop, but I guess I didn't expect Irvin to rise so much in one re-ranking either.  Donnal had been #65 on ESPN, but all the other sites had him quite a bit lower.  Rivals and Future150 had him outside of the top 100 and Scout only had him at #83.  I had my reservations about Donnal staying as high as #65, but I think he might be a tad bit too low at #97.  We will see as time moves on, but it's never enjoyable to watch a quality player drop roughly 30 spots.

Moving on to Michigan's remaining targets.  A few stayed almost the exact same.  James Young, Reggie Cameron, and E.C. Matthews were either the exact same or moved less than 5 spots.  I really don't believe any of these guys will end up in Ann Arbor, but I'm just going to keep them listed for a bit longer.  Michigan probably has 1 more open spot, so until that's filled or these guys commit, I'm going to leave them listed.  However, don't expect them to go blue anytime soon.  Along with this, Dominic Woodson dropped over 20 positions on the ESPN100.  He's had a lackluster summer and didn't impress the scouts too much.  Will he recover in the future?  Potentially, but I would place him with the recruits above, not very likely to end up at Michigan.

Devin Williams moved up about 10 spots, which is good news for him, but he definitely isn't a likely commitment either.  The final player on the list, Demetrius Jackson, moved up a good chunk from #31 on the last list to #18.  This is a player that I could actually see Michigan landing at some point.  He would be the 2nd highest rated player in Michigan's 2013 class and would be a major haul.  He's still pretty deep in the recruitment process so I won't make a prediction quite yet, but I think Michigan is in relatively good position with him.  

Just one side-note.  Vitto Brown, a likely 2013 commit, was not listed in the ESPN100.  So don't think that Demetrius Jackson is Michigan's only remaining 2013 option and only likely commitment.  Michigan is in great position and could still make this class even better than it already has become.

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