Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 2 Notes With Updates On Tweeting MSU Players And Blake Countess

We are officially headed into Week 2 of the college football season. We have an idea on some teams, and others we're still wondering about. Here's a few things to keep in perspective:

1. Fitzgerald Toussaint and Frank Clark are back. I don't want the importance of this action to be overlooked. There were many Michigan fans who cried out when Fitz was suspended initially, and even more when Brady announced that he would be also suspended for the Alabama game. Now, did he make the right call? Absolutely. Even with the presence and skill of having Fitz on the field would not have changed the outcome of the game. If he had played one of two things might have happened. We might have had better field position of a couple of series, but still no points from it. Two, he might have been injured. Fitz comes into the Air Force game with a set of fresh legs, ready to take on their defense.

2. As far as Clark goes, he's supposed to be a backup to Jibreel Black, and with this game coming up, he might see some significant garbage time if Michigan has a big lead. Now, his case isn't yet settled in court the way Toussaint's has been and his loss last week would not have affected the team in any way. So look for him somewhere into the late 3rd, mid 4th quarter.

3.. We all know by now Blake Countess is out for the 2012 season with a torn ACL. It has a bigger impact on the team than some have foreseen, since Countess was a stellar true freshman last year and was slated to be a feature cornerback this season. Courtney Avery is next man up for that spot and hopefully he can help JT Floyd maintain the opponent's offense.  He was beat pretty bad last week and he will need a big improvement to make a difference this week.

4. I know Brady has given his shot across the bow about all the tweets MSU came out with last weekend about Michigan, specifically Denard Robinson. Mark Dantonio has already scolded those players involved, basically saying it was unprofessional. Far be it for me to agree with Dantonio, the thought crawls under my skin, but I do give him credit for it. It doesn't matter what program you're in or support, if you're a member of a team, that is a very immature way to laugh at your opponent.

6. Columnists always touch on the virtue of cupcake opponents. We all know why they're scheduled---money. Easier non-conference match-ups before the conference schedules begin. OSU is versed in this...playing Miami (Ohio) last week and Central Florida this week.  Michigan doesn't quite have this with Air Force coming in this week, but there are definitely a lot of those games out there this week.

7. Big time Big Ten games--Purdue heads to Notre Dame in what is becoming a scintillating contest. Both teams are on par with each other, and I hate to do it, but I'll give ND the win. Wisconsin is traveling west to play Oregon State and if the Badgers play as lackadaisical vs them as they did Northern Iowa, they'll be in trouble. I do think Wisconsin will work harder in practice this week and win though.

8. My final thoughts---Michigan will win this Saturday, and I believe in a convincing fashion. I don't expect much out of the Falcons defense and although they are service members, I think playing in the Big House will keep their offense in check. I will be up north in Manistee camping for the weekend, so the only way I can catch the game is by radio. Hopefully it will be on satellite, because I'm not sure what AM/FM options there will be up there. Have a good weekend and GO BLUE!!

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