Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 4 Game Notes With Reactions To Rich Rod's Michigan Comments

1. To state that Michigan needs this win over Notre Dame is an understatement, and for multiple reasons. First, Michigan needs to win to put themselves back into the top 15. Currently, there are no Big Ten teams ranked in the top 15 for the first time in 11 years, and OSU along with MSU were the last teams holding onto the distinction. Secondly, and most importantly, it would put Michigan in good position for a BCS bowl. They are obviously out of the national title picture, but the Rose Bowl/Big Ten Championship or another BCS bowl is still within their grasp. By beating Notre Dame, that'll strengthen their quality of opponent factor and push them back into the top 15, and maybe even the 11 or 12 spot. Can they move back into the top 10? Probably not after this week, but give it time and win out from here.

2. We all know by now about Shane Morris and his case of mononucleosis. One thing that wasn't touched on was the fact that if he is out for the whole season, then more than likely he will lose that coveted 5* ranking. When that happens, and it's happened before, then Michigan's recruiting rankings will go down in points as well. Even with the possibility of getting Laquon Treadwell  in Ann Arbor, I don't think Michigan will overtake USC now in terms of the number 1 spot in overall points. In the end, it's all semantics anyway.

3. It is the last week of non-conference games for most FBS teams. Some conferences have had them since week 1, but not the Big Ten. OSU is playing UAB, MSU vs Eastern Michigan, UTEP vs WisconsinIowa vs Central Michigan, Penn State vs Temple, Nebraska vs Idaho State, Northwestern vs South Dakota, Minnesota vs Syracuse, and Illinois vs Louisiana Tech are this weekend's match-ups. As shaky as the Big Ten has been in non-conference, I do think Wisconsin will have a tough win, as well as Penn State and Minnesota. That is, if they win.

4. RichRod had an interview this week with Jim Rome, where he stated coaching at Michigan probably wasn't the best move for him. "It's easy to look back now," Rodriguez said. "Things were going so well for us at West Virginia with a great team coming back. The old saying is, hindsight is 20-20, it didn't work out and it probably wasn't the best move." All I can say is duh. Rodriguez is currently 3-0 with the Arizona Wildcats, but Arizona is not Michigan. Never will be. Plus, they play Oregon today. So, Arizona will be 3-1 after today.

5. Nebraska is allowing their stud defensive tackle return in Chase Rome. He left the team due to personal reasons and a lack of playing time. For Pelini to allow him back sets a poor example. It'll be even worse if he gets increased playing time. Unless there's been some unknown family reason, Rome never should have left.

6. I do believe that in Michigan's game tonight against Notre Dame that they can win. If all the stars align correctly and Michigan plays mistake free football, then they can win. However, this ND team is built differently than past teams and don't make the same mental errors or lose turnovers. I think it'll be a close game, a down to the last minute game as we're getting used to, but Michigan will win 24-23.

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