Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 5 AP/Big Ten Rankings

Week 5 AP rankings are out, and it shows that yesterday was a big one in college football. Geno Smith and West Virginia survived a shootout against Baylor, racking up over 1,500 yards between the two teams. Smith passed for almost 700 yards and 8 TDs, practically vaulting himself into the front spot of the Heisman trophy race. Louisville survived in a torrential downpour against Southern Mississippi. LSU looked to be quite mortal against the Towson Tigers in a game that the score was a lot closer than just 38-22.

Ohio State shut down Michigan State's vaunted running game, and following the loss against Ohio State, State's defensive coordinator, Pat Narduzzi, made complaints concerning "doctored" game tape from Meyer. Northwestern improved to 5-0, while Minnesota came in undefeated and were exposed against IowaPurdue gave up a lot of points against Marshall while Illinois was blown out again versus Penn State, probably giving them the title of worst in the Big Ten next to Indiana. Nebraska had their biggest comeback ever against Wisconsin, setting Wisconsin back to 3-2 on the season. Here's the poll:

1) Alabama (5-0) Alabama is still ranked at the 1 spot, which is no surprise considering Oregon is the only other threat. One thing to note is that they are now unanimously #1. Took a few weeks, but now the entire nation agrees with what Michigan said in Week 1.
2) Oregon (5-0) Oregon can outscore just about anyone, but they still allowed 26 points from Washington State. 
3) Florida State (5-0) Now at the 3 spot, they still survived a game against South Florida, so this could be dubious.
4) LSU (5-0) Even more dubious is the slipping in the rankings LSU is taking. Yes, they beat Towson, but for awhile there in the beginning of the game Towson had the lead. That's why they've dropped.  Most fans are still curious if LSU can pose a challenge to Alabama at home.
5) Georgia (5-0) Another shootout against Tennessee, but Georgia looks to take control of the SEC. 
6) South Carolina (5-0)
7) Kansas State (4-0)
8) West Virginia (4-0) Geno Smith. All I can say is wow. I tried to get the game on my satellite, but unfortunately it wasn't on.  I don't know yet who might be in second place for the Heisman, but he's in first. Has to be.
9) Notre Dame (4-0) Even on a bye week, Notre Dame moved up a spot. Favortism among the pollers, or just no one else is better?
10) Florida (4-0)
11) Texas (4-0)
12) Ohio State (5-0) Braxton Miller had an injury scare, fumbles the ball, and they still win. It would be poetic justice if they'd have a BCS bowl worthy record, but are still ineligible to play in the postseason. 
13) USC (3-1)
14) Oregon State (3-0) Sending Arizona to a second straight loss, close or not, is a perk.
15) Clemson (4-1)
15) TCU (4-0)
17) Oklahoma (2-1)
18) Stanford (3-1) 
19) Louisville (5-0) If anyone out there watched the game, you'd have seen two teams going at it in a pond. Seriously...a player would run out of bounds and kick up a bunch of water. 
20) Mississippi State (4-0)
21) Nebraska (4-1) Quite a victory for the Cornhuskers at home. Martinez put the rest of the team on his shoulders and prevailed. Montee Ball tried to win it for the Badgers, but the defense couldn't stop anyone.
22) Rutgers (4-0)
23) Washington (3-1)
24) Northwestern (5-0) Are the Wildcats for real? It's hard to answer that when their first Big Ten opponent was Indiana . I'm starting to think the basketball players for the Hooisers could play better football. However, Northwestern might have something special this year with Kain Colter. We will have to wait and see when they have to play a real team .
25) UCLA (4-1)

Dropped from rankings: Michigan State, Boise State, Baylor

Others receiving votes: Cincinnati, Boise State, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Texas Tech, Michigan, Louisiana Tech, Baylor, Ohio, Arizona State, Arizona, Miami (FL), Iowa State, Tennessee

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