Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Joel Wiscombe To Hoke's Mad Magicians!

We here at Hoke's Mad Magicians are thrilled to announce that we have added Joel Wiscombe to our staff. He will be one of our football recruiting analysts and will bring us an interesting perspective on all things on the recruiting trail for Michigan.

Joel was born in 1975, attended UTEP, is married, and has 4 children, 1 girl and 3 boys.  He identifies himself as a lifelong Wolverines, despite living in Texas.  His father, who passed away a year ago, was borin in Pontiact to immigrant parents and played for Pontiac Sr High for a former Wolverine, Hercules Renda.  His grandfather worked in GM plants and he was raised as a Wolverine fan, growing up on the stories of Yost, Canham, Bennie O', and of course Old '98.  He grew up in the time of Bo, saw the Moeller and Carr years, and the '97 championship was his senior year of college.

His first favorite running back was Jaime Morris and his favorite Wolverine of all-time is Charles Woodson, not just because of his talent, but because he really experienced his success.  He refuses to wear red for the same reasons as Coach Hoke and balled at his first trip to the Big House.  He has even instructed his family to disperse his ashes there if/when he dies.

Some fun facts about Joel, he loves rock and alternative and especially Metallica.  He has a cousin in the Detroit area who plays in a band.  He also has a lot of family in the Detroit area.  So even though he may not live here, he has many connections.

Joel will be bringing great analysis and original content for our football recruiting.  We all know Michigan fans are passionate about football recruiting, so we expect everyone to enjoy Joel's future posts.  If you would like to read his first featured article for Hoke's Mad Magicians, click here.

If you'd like to follow Joel on Twitter, his username is joelwGoBlue.

Stay tuned for some great updates and Go Blue!

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