Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diamond Stone (#2 Prospect In The Nation) To Visit Michigan

Michigan continues to bring in some big prospects to tour campus and especially in the 2015 recruiting class.  Michigan had been in talks to bring #1 national prospect Karl Towns, Jr. to campus, but things ultimately fell through.  However, the #2 prospect in the class, Diamond Stone, has stated over Twitter that he will be visiting Michigan this weekend for the Wolverines' game against the Spartans.  There's no need to state how big of a visit this could be for Michigan.

Stone has already received offers from schools including Indiana, UConn, Wisconsin, and UCLA.  He has also received extensive interest from big name programs like Kentucky, UNC, and Duke.  Stone is almost guaranteed to be one of the most sought after recruits in the 2015 class and could make an instant impact for any team and program.

Stone has a multitude of skills, but one of them is his incredible size.  He's 6'10" and weighs 252 lbs according to ESPN.  That is huge for a player that is currently a sophomore in high school, which means he has more than 2 years to grow into his already huge frame.  This could be useful because the only thing that he could really improve on is his strength, which isn't fantastic despite his great height and size.  I anticipate he'll get a bit stronger before he gets to college though.  This will also probably help his defense, which is already fantastic, especially his ability to block shots, which is top notch.

While reviewing his highlight film, there were a few things that immediately caught my eye.  First, he has incredible speed for his size.  He moves like he's a wing or a guard even though he is a true front-court player that will likely play center in college.  Along with this, he has a very nice shot and is good in transition, which is typically pretty uncommon in big men.  The one area that makes him such a good player, however, is his post game.  When he truly starts driving the basket, he is virtually unstoppable and even when he is forced to make a tough shot, he makes most of them.  He is a complete player and somebody that could be used in multiple ways, even though his size implies he's simply a big man.

This leaves us with the most interesting section.  What are Michigan's chances with Stone?  It's way too early to make a realistic prediction, especially since Michigan won't offer him until June at the earliest (John Beilein's rule).  However, I think Michigan has got to be in decent shape if he's decided to visit Michigan.  If the visit goes well and Michigan is able to do some damage against MSU, that could also help Michigan's position with Stone.  I don't think anything will be sealed with Stone for quite awhile, but this is a big visit for Michigan and one of the most significant for the basketball program in quite awhile.

Here's his highlight video:

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