Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting To Know Ore Arogundade

There are a multitude of recruits both on Michigan and other school's radar for the 2014 recruiting class.  One player that is beginning to receive some heavy attention is Ore Arogundade out of Illinois.  He is certainly not the most heralded recruit in the country, but he has continued to improve his game and has attracted the attention of many schools including some in the Big Ten.

Whether he ends up actually committing and playing basketball in the Big Ten is something only time will tell, but what is sure is that he is a quality shooting guard that can make an impact both on and off the court for his team.  Rankings are pretty scarce on Arogundade at this time, but I anticipate that attention will be picking up in the future and he could end up being a pretty highly regarded player in the class.  He agreed to chat with me and I've included the interview below.

Hoke's Mad Magicians: How are you doing and how are things going with you?
Arogundade: Things are good with me, Just been playing ball and living life.

HMM: How has the new year of school been going?
Arogundade: School has been good for me this year. My school is putting me in the best situation to be ready for college.

HMM: So what are you up to in terms of basketball?  
Arogundade: My HS school team have been having open gyms and we've been working with the strength and conditioning coach and with my AAU team,The Illinois Wolves, [and] we've been doing fall workouts. Also, I will be attending Mike Pro and Dave Teleps Workout on October 20th.

HMM: How do you think your summer play and training went?
Arogundade: I think I played well. There's is always room for improvement, but I felt [for] the most part, I played aggressive and smart.

HMM: What would you call your greatest basketball asset?
Arogundade: It would be scoring the basketball. I just happen to find ways to score.

HMM: What is the biggest thing you are trying to improve on the court?
Arogundade: Everything in my game needs improvement, you can never be complacent with your game.

HMM: Turning to a more personal side, what's something that people wouldn't know about you?
Arogundade: People wouldn't know that I'm a good dancer. I can move with the beat [laughs] and I hit the dougie pretty good too.

HMM: What's your favorite TV show?
Arogundade: My favorite TV show is Key & Peele, it's hilarious!

HMM: Best video game system and best video game?
Arogundade: Best video game system is the Playstation 3 and the best game is  NBA 2k13. 

HMM: If you had to take 3 things to a deserted island, what would they be?
Arogundade: Food, Drinks, Phone.

HMM: Dream vacation?
Arogundade: Vacation to France.

HMM: And finally, turning back to basketball a little bit.  Which schools have been contacting you the most?
Arogundade: Oregon State, Missouri State, NIU, Nebraska, Wright State 

HMM: What would you think about playing in the Big Ten?
Arogundade: Playing in the Big Ten would be an honor. The Big Ten is a historically good conference and it always brings good competition every year.

HMM: Any specific thoughts regarding Michigan?
Arogundade: Michigan is a good school. They produce a lot of good players and compete every year in the Big Ten.

HMM: Finally, what's your height and weight at this time?  I know your Twitter has 6'3", but I've seen some very different ones out there.
Arogundade: I'm 6'3" 180.


Arogundade was great to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed our communication.  He may not be the most well known player at this point, but he's a player on the rise and somebody that could make a big impact in either the Big Ten or any other conference.  We wish him the best and we will stay in contact as his recruitment process develops.

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