Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Michigan NFL Players Midseason Update

It might not seem like it, but Michigan is still sending Pro Bowl caliber players to the NFL. Sometimes, as fans, we tend to forget what that player has meant to our school, both on and off the field. Some players who have had great college careers don't transition well into the NFL, and others do better than we thought. Rather than do a "power rankings" of Michigan NFL players, here is an alphabetical list. Current teams are listed in parentheses, and besides-- a power ranking list is just too fluid and objectionable.

Adrian Arrington: (free agent) Taken in the 7th round of the 2008 Draft by the Saints, he has seen very little playing time. Signed to practice squad, and was placed on IR in 08. Eventually released/resigned by the Saints and by 2012 he waas cut and received an injury settlement.
Jason Avant: (Philadelphia Eagles) Drafted by the Eagles in 2006, Avant has had a steady career. He had his best career in 2009, and signed a 5-year deal in 2010. So far on the season he has 16 catches for 183 yards.
David Baas: (New York Giants) Taken by the 49ers in the 2005 Draft, he played a variety of positions, including special teams until he signed with the New York Giants in 2011. Part of their Super Bowl XLVI winning squad and currently starting center.
Jeff Backus: (Detroit Lions) Drafted by the Lions in 2001, he has been a mainstay on the offensive line and even went through the first 0-16 NFL season. Known as a tough player and has never missed a game due to injury
Tom Brady: (New England Patriots) Terrific Tom. Future first ballot Hall-of-Famer. Yes, the Patriots are 4-3 on the season so far, which doesn't outshine the rest of the AFC East yet, but they'll get there. He's thrown 12 TDs against 3 INTs and looks to have another Pro Bowl caliber year. And is still married to Gisele Bundchen.
Alan Branch: (Seattle Seahawks) Drafted in 2007 by the Arizona Cardinals, he spent 4 years there before becoming a Seahawk in 2011.
Steve Breaston: (Kansas City Chiefs) Breaston was also drafted in 2007 by the Arizona Cardinals, and signed with the Chiefs in 2011 as a free-agent. Has just over 3,000 yards receiving and 9 TDs since his rookie, but as always he is indispensable on special teams. 2012 seems to be a down season for him however as the Chiefs are trying to not be the worst team in the NFL.
Stevie Brown: (New York Giants) Drafted in 2010 by the Raiders, he was eventually cut by them in 2011, and made stops to the Panthers, Colts, and now the Giants. Shows to be a good fit there with 26 total tackles so far, 3 INTs, and fumble recovery.
Prescott Burgess: (free agent) Drafted in 2007 by the Ravens, traded to the Patriots in 2009 where he spent most of his time on the practice squad. The Ravens re-signed him in 2009 after another player was injured and has gone back and forth from back-up to practice squad player.
Braylon Edwards: (Seattle Seahawks) 3rd overall pick in 2005, had his best year in 2007 with the Browns and has since played for the Jets, Niners, and most recently the Seahawks. The one time #1 receiver for Michigan has only 8 catches for 74 yards and a TD during the 2012 season so far. No longer a fantasy football stud.
Jay Feely: (Arizona Cardinals) Undrafted in 1999, he eventually made it to the NFL where he has played for the Falcons, Giants, Dolphins, Chiefs, Jets, and currently the Cardinals where he has made at least one field goal in every game since the beginning of the season.
Larry Foote: (Pittsburgh Steelers) Foote was drafted by the Steelers in 2002, and has spent most of his career there, save for a season with the Lions. Has won two Super Bowls with the Steelers.
Jonathan Goodwin: (San Francisco 49ers) Drafted in 2002 by the Jets, has also made stops with the Saints during their Super Bowl season and is now with the Niners.
Brandon Graham: (Philadelphia Eagles) Drafted by the Eagles in 2010 and has battled injuries throughout his career. A middle of the road player for the Eagles defense.
Matt Gutierrez: (free agent) Undrafted in 2007, Matt has become the typical NFL journeyman QB. After being placed as a backup in favor for Chad Henne and transferring to Idaho State, the Patriots signed him as a backup in 2007 and most recently has been a QB in the UFL for the Kansas City Command.
James Hall: (free agent) Signed by the Lions as an undrafted free agent in 2000, he was traded to the Rams in 2007 and is currently a free agent.
Leon Hall: (Cincinnati Bengals) Drafted by the Bengals in 2007, he has been a steady fixture for their secondary since then, doing his job recording numerous tackles and interceptions.
David Harris: (New York Jets) Harris was also drafted in 2007 by the Jets, has almost 600 tackles, 20.5 sacks, and 6 interceptions among his career stats. He's one of the most important defensive pieces the Jets have.
Junior Hemingway: (Kansas City Chiefs) Drafted last year by the Chiefs, Hemingway was signed to a deal, released, and then signed again. Is currently on their practice squad.
Chad Henne: (Jacksonville Jaguars) A 2nd round pick of the Miami Dolphins in 2008. Started a total of 31 games between the Dolphins and now the Jaguars.
Steve Hutchinson: (Tennessee Titans) An NFL mainstay since he was drafted in 2001, this 7-time Pro Bowler has had stints with the Seahawks, Vikings, and now the Titans.
Tim Jamison: (Houston Texans) Signed as an undrafted free agent by the Texans in 2009, he is now a backup defensive end for the 7-0 Texans.
Jake Long: (Miami Dolphins) Drafted by the Dolphins in 2008, he has anchored their left tackle position since and doesn't yield too many sacks.
Mario Manningham: (San Francisco 49ers) Drafted by the Giants in 2008, and caught 18 TDs over a span of 3 years including a drive saving catch in the last Super Bowl. Signed a free agent contract with the Niners in the 2012 offseason. Has been a inconsistent for the Niners and has only caught one TD this season.
Mike Martin:  (Tennessee Titans) Taken by the Titans in the 2012 Draft, has 26 total tackles on the season and 2 sacks.
Zoltan Mesko: (New England Patriots) The Patriots drafted him in 2010 in the 5th round, he is a reliable punter that is counted on every game, and is also the kicking holder for Stephen Gostowski.
David Molk: (San Diego Chargers) Taken by the Chargers in 2012, Molk backs up incumbent center Nick Hardwick.
Jonas Mouton: (San Diego Chargers) Drafted by the Chargers in 2011, Mouton spent most of 2011 on injured reserve and has been inactive for the 2012 season so far.
Ryan Mundy: (Pittsburgh Steelers) Taken by the Steelers in 2008, Mundy didn't come straight to the pros out of Michigan. He transferred to WVU in 2007 to pursue a degree in sports administration (think of the Russell Wilson move). Originally made it on the Steelers practice squad before being promoted to active roster duty.
Stephen Schilling: (free agent) Schilling was taken by the Chargers in the 2011 Draft, and although he went through a series of team moves, he was finally released at the end of the 2012 preseason.
Morgan Trent: (free agent) Taken by the Bengals in 2009, was released by them in 2011, then has had stints with the Colts, Jags, and Redskins and was even rumored he received a tryout with the Lions but wasn't signed.
Ryan Van Bergen: (free agent) Undrafted free agent by the Panthers in 2012, he wasn't able to make the roster.
Martell Webb: (free agent) Signed by the Eagles in 2010, he has multiple stints with the Broncos, Jets, Buccaneers, and Cardinals, the last one he was released from at the end of the 2012 preseason.
LaMarr Woodley: (Pittsburgh Steelers) Taken by the Steelers in 2007, Woodley has become a dominant force on the Steelers defense. Does have an injury history and misses some games, but still is a great player and charitable man.
Charles Woodson: (Green Bay Packers) Michigan's 3rd Heisman Trophy  winner, Woodson was drafted in 1998 by the Raiders. After toiling for years with them, he signed with the Packers in 2006, and even became the Defensive Player of the Year in 2009. Woodson is now out for a few games due to a broken collarbone after transitioning to the free safety spot.
Troy Woolfolk: (Dallas Cowboys) Undrafted in 2012, Woolfolk is currently with the Cowboys in a backup role. Has yet to see any playing time.

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