Monday, October 29, 2012

More Drama With The 2013 Class?

Well as I'm sitting here in southern Maryland weathering hurricane Sandy, I figured I would talk about what seems to be an impending storm in recruiting for the 2013 class for Michigan.  I won't speak much about it, but there is some more drama with David Dawson.  If you haven't heard by now (you must live under a rock), but Michigan and Dawson decided to part ways a short time ago.  It seemed to be that Florida was in the driver's seat, but now that's not the case, or at least according to Dawson. 

Mr. Dawson has recently named a top-3 of Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin.  What many disgruntled Michigan fans see as a slap in the face, it seems Dawson seems to favor schools in the B1G.  Given his family situation, it seems fitting that he wants to stay close to home.  I believe the ribbing from a few "bad apples" in the Michigan fan base has kind of left a salt in his mouth and I believe he may be sticking it to the Michigan fans.  We will see how it plays out, but looks like he could be lining up for one of Michigan's bitter rivals.  He has said he is taking visits and look for him to make a decision at the All-American game, if not sooner.

The worry regarding 2013 DB Commit Gareon Conley seems to be picking up as of late.  Everyone knows about his mother's desire for him to go to Oregon (not offered yet) and his father like of Michigan.  Gareon has been on the record saying Oregon is his favorite school and I think if they were to offer, it could mean big trouble to the Wolverines.  In a recent interview after his game last week, Gareon expressed interest in taking visits to Oregon and to rival Ohio State.  Earlier on in his recruitment, Gareon had wanted to visit Cincinnati, but after a discussion with the coaches he decided to call it off. 

Seems to be things are looking more like the David Dawson situation.  Dawson was a loss but given the phenomenal job the coaches have done on the offensive line side in 2012 and 2013, it probably won't be that major.  But if the coaches were to part ways with Gareon, that would be huge.  Secondary is a big need for the coaches and Gareon is one of the top-rated defensive backs in this class.  After this year, spots will surely open up with Jordan Kovacs and J.T. Floyd departing.  The 2013 class has some very good defenders in Dymonte Thomas and Channing Stribling, but Gareon is right there as one of the key parts.  I definitely think the coaches will reach out to him and they will talk about it. 

How does the 2013 class finish up? We all know about the big three; Derrick Green, Laquon Treadwell, and Leon McQuay III.  Derrick Green made his official for the Michigan State game and he has gone pretty silent as far as how things are going.  There have been rumors of him giving a silent commit to the coaching staff, but I'm not sure about that rumor yet.  Look for Derrick to make the rest of his visits but if not it could be a good sign for the Wolverines. 

Laquon Treadwell couldn't make it up for the Michigan State game and while many thought that was a bad sign for Michigan, he has come out and cancelled all of his visits until after his high school season is over.  This means Michigan will likely get him back on campus and look for them to have a good shot depending on how his visits go to the schools out west in Oklahoma. 

Leon McQuay is a very interesting one in my opinion.  He has set his official visit for November 10th (the Northwestern game), which happens to be the same week the Green Bay Packers have a bye week and it's reported that Charles Woodson will be on campus.  Look for the coaching staff to send in the former Heisman winner to be in Leon's ear.  He is a big time playmaker and the 5-star would be a huge addition to the class.  His other top schools being Vanderbilt and USC are reported full at the defensive back position so look for Michigan to be in the driver's seat.  I think Florida State could be a threat so it will get interesting here in a few weeks after his visit. 

Michigan's 2013 recruiting appeared to be about over last summer, but there are a lot of interesting developments that could change a good chunk of the class' look before national signing day.  Most of the class will be the same, but there are still 3 major recruits out there, a commit that appears to be rethinking his decision, and a decommit all creating buzz.  Should be an exciting couple of months.

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