Monday, October 29, 2012

Trey Burke Preseason All-American

According to ESPN, the AP has released its preaseason All-American list and Trey Burke has made the cut.  The Big Ten landed three players on the list with Cody Zeller, Deshaun Thomas, and Burke.  It is obviously going to be a strong year for the Big Ten, but landing three players on the list is impressive.

This is also a major accomplishment for Michigan and its program .  Michigan's last All-American was Jalen Rose in 1994 during the end of the Fab Five era.  That means it has been nearly two decades since Michigan had a player with these types of rankings and hype.  Of course, Burke has not made the final cut by any means, but even being considered in this company is significant

Here is the full list

This year, there was a tie for fifth between McCollum and Burke, which means that there are 6 All-Americans this year.  Regardless, it is still a very impressive list.  I have previously posted on Deshaun Thomas and I don't believe he has any place on this list, but the hype seems to be there for now.  I expect that by time the final list rolls around, Thomas won't be anywhere close to this, but he still should be a solid player this year.

As stated earlier, Burke will have to show that he deserves this ranking as the season goes on, but I think he will be able to back this ranking up this season.  I'm one of the few that believes Burke can challenge Zeller for the Big Ten Player of the Year award.  Zeller was a near unanimous choice for this list, so I think Burke has a great chance at making the final cut if he can challenge Zeller.  The games have yet to be played, but you have to like the excitement for this year's team.

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