Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 8 BCS/AP/Big Ten Rankings

Week 8 is over with, and I think my blood pressure is finally starting to come down. The Paul Bunyan Trophy is home where it belongs after a hard fought Michigan victory over Michigan State. Yes, it was a great game by two very well matched teams, and the  better one prevailed. Drew Dileo had a great game catching passes when they needed to be caught, and Brendan Gibbons and Matt Wile were clutch as well. The Michigan State offense was just as anemic as we previously thought, and Michigan's defense held Le'Veon Bell in check. That's not the only game that was better than advertised--look at Purdue and Ohio State. After leading for much of the game, Purdue knocked out Braxton Miller in the 3rd quarter (symptom free and out of the hospital later that evening) and still lost the game in overtime to their backup QB.

Now typically, I post the AP poll results and pick them apart from there. However, since the BCS rankings first came out last week...that is what the schools are ranked by. Obviously you won't see Ohio State ranked in the BCS due to ineligibility.  So from here on out--here are the BCS rankings and my view of those. I won't go into the computer rankings, percentages, etc...I know how it all works but it's still confusing. So here it is:

1) Alabama (.9625) The No.1 team across the board in every poll, thoroughly dominated a struggling Tennessee team. When McCarron is on the money with his throws they have virtually no weakness
2) Florida (.9310) I honestly thought Florida was over-rated at the No. 2 spot when the first BCS poll came out. Now with dispatching South Carolina with ease, I understand. 
3) Kansas State (.9111) A complete work of art against WVU. Collin Klein is back in the Heisman Race.
4) Oregon (.8966) They could also be undefeated at the end of the year, and the way they score in the first quarter is almost superhero-like.
5) Notre Dame  (.8512) Rees/ doesn't matter really. Could it be that the defense carries them to an undefeated season?
6) LSU (.7862)
7) Oregon State (.7421) Low scoring against Utah, but first time ever being 6-0 for the Beavers.
8) Oklahoma (.7126)
9) USC (.5767)
10) Georgia (.5379)
11) Mississippi State (.5265) Yes they are 7-0, but with games against Texas A&m and LSU coming up, that might not last for long. 
12) Florida State (.4925)
13) South Carolina (.4797) Ah, how the mighty have fallen. Not to mention a quarterback who will be out for the rest of the year
14) Texas Tech  (.4736) Absolute scorefest against now division foe TCU. Surprisingly, their defense didn't do what they're used to. Most points scored against them so far this season.
15) Rutgers (.4703) Down 10-0 to Temple at halftime, they stormed back for a 35-10 win. Yikes...does the Big East have a couple good teams?
16) Louisville (.4196)
17) Stanford (.3850)
18) Clemson (.3692)
19) West Virginia (.2178) Geno Smith's Heisman hopes are falling down in flames. Shows good mechanics but the o-line and defense have not held up well
20) Texas A&M (.2123)
21) Boise State  (.2070)
22) Michigan (.1898) Ah, Michigan is the first of two Big Ten teams ranked in the BCS. They have a hard matchup on the road against Nebraska next week, but if the Wolverines past them it should be a clearer path to winning the Legends Division. It's great! To be! A Michigan Wolverine!!
23) Texas  (.1221)
24) Ohio (.1171) Ohio is still ranked even though they were off this week. I think that shows a good sign. I usually don't see that happen.
25) Wisconsin (.0593) Montee Ball and James White both ran for over 150 yards on Minnesota . Obviously they don't have to depend too much on the arm of Joel Stave, but the QB can get it done when called upon.

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