Monday, November 19, 2012

2014 QB Shelby Spence Visit Reaction

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Yesterday was the last home game of the 2012 season for the Michigan Wolverines and as always, they had a pretty big list of recruits.  One of the players on hand was a 2014 QB out of De La Salle Institute in Chicago, Illinois.  Shelby is 6'1" and just shy of 200 pounds.  He's somewhat of an under the radar guy, but he does have interest from big programs such as Notre Dame, Duke, Illinois, and Michigan.  I was able to catch up with Shelby today to talk to him about his first visit to Michigan for the Iowa game yesterday.


Hokes Mad Magicians:  How was your first Big House experience?
Shelby:  I came away very impressed with Michigan.  They had a true family atmosphere, great facilities, and the fans were amazing.

Hokes Mad Magicians:  What's the biggest factor in your recruitment? Early playing time, academics such as a specific major? 
Shelby:  Ultimately, I am looking for a place where I will feel comfortable.  I'm also looking for a strong mix between academics and football.

Hokes Mad Magicians:  You get a chance to meet with any of the coaches? 
Shelby:  Mostly coach Singletary.  I will be getting my film to him soon for evaluation and furthering the process at that point.

HMM:  Offer on the horizon? 
Shelby:  I'm not too sure at the moment.  I'll have a better idea after I get my film to them.
HMM:  Well I'm sure they will like what they see.  

Hokes Mad Magicians:  Any plans do attend some camps this summer? 
Shelby:  I'm not sure where I will be headed on the camp circuit yet.  But I would definitely like to visit Michigan again. Not really sure when but definitely am going to make it back up there.

Hokes Mad Magicians:  Any leaders right now? 
Shelby: I wouldn't say I have any leaders at this point but I'm definitely interested in Michigan.

Hokes Mad Magicians:  Did you get to talk to any of the current commits at the game? 
 Shelby:  I got to meet Dymonte Thomas at the game but that was about it.  He didn't do too much recruiting he was just real friendly.

Hokes Mad Magicians:  Did your family go with you, and what'd they think about Michigan? 
Shelby:  My father went with me and he came away very impressed with their coaching staff and players.  Both of my parents are extremely supportive and want me to make the best informed decision possible and will continue to support me.  There's no pressure from them to go to a certain school which is very nice.


That was about it, but I came away impressed.  Shelby's a great kid and there is some serious interest on his end with Michigan.  I believe the coaches are interested as well, but the coaches are going to be very picky with which quarterback they take in 2014 so I believe that Shelby will get an offer but it will be down the road.  I imagine they will look at his film and invite him to summer camp. He's a dual threat quarterback but can definitely make all the throws.  I think now that his film is out there and if he goes to some camps, he will start getting some serious attention from all of the major BCS schools.  Shelby tweeted me a link to his film yesterday and I'm attaching it at the end so you all can check it out for yourselves.  He's definitely a name that Michigan fans need to keep their eye on and if the coaches do extend an offer to him look out.  I'll be staying in touch with Shelby as things start to heat up with the coaches and find out where things stand after they do some evaluating.

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