Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 11 BCS Rankings

It's been dubbed The Catch Version 2.0. I tend to think of it in more fan type terms--Holy **** Roundtree!! With 18 seconds to go, and Michigan was down by 3 points, and being on the wrong side of the field, Devin Gardner heaved a game saving 53 yard pass to Roy Roundtree, which led to a Brendan Gibbons field goal, which led to Gardner running in a 1-yard touchdown in overtime, which made the Michigan defense make the most important stop they've needed to all afternoon. Granted, Northwestern did out gain Michigan in overall yardage by twelve. They ran on the defense to a tune of 248 yards. Michigan's defense has generally struggled with a spread option quarterback (See Air Force), and with Braxton Miller and Ohio State coming up in two weeks, Greg Mattison will have a lot of work to do. As for the rest of the Big Ten...yikes.Penn State loses a heartbreaker to Nebraska with some help from the officials. I don't like blaming officials for a loss or a win mainly because it never should have gotten to that point but at the same time when everyone in the nation is calling a play a touchdown, and the official doesn't agree, there will be backlash. Wisconsin won the Leaders Division by trouncing Indiana by rushing for over 550 yards! Their last game was a 19 yard rushing effort against Michigan State  Oh and as always I get one prediction wrong for the week, and this week the winner was Purdue over Iowa..I didn't think the Boilermakers had it in them. Now onto the poll:

*I'm omitting the percentage points due to the fact that quite honestly, in the end they don't matter other than the separation between No.1 and No. 2

1) Kansas State--Now that the Wildcats own the No. 1 spot, the question is if they can hold onto it? Also, Manziel is still in the Heisman race for one good reason--he hasn't lost yet.
2) Oregon --If I were Oregon, I'd almost be slighted by the fact that I'm still not the top ranked team. The Pac-12 have 5 teams in the BCS, and so does the Big 12. Oregon has also beaten 3 ranked teams so far with 2 ranked teams to go. If they can stay healthy, they'll be in the national championship.
3) Notre Dame--Not to poo-poo the Irish, but can there be a more boring team in the top 5? Of course no one except for the Notre Dame faithful thought they'd still be undefeated, but they have Wake Forest coming up next weekend before the season finale against USC. It will be a road game, and going into the Coliseum against Matt Barkley while being undefeated should be...juicy.
4) Alabama--The defense picked the wrong time and opponent to go soft on. Sure there have been signs of their mortality, but ideally the Tide would still need two out of the top three teams to lose a game to get into the national championship and maybe this is the year there won't be an SEC team in it.
5) Georgia--For all the talk Mark Richt has ever endured about losing his job, he is quietly putting together a stellar season with only one hiccup against South Carolina. With two easy opponents left, Georgia could get a BCS bowl, depending on their SEC title game with Alabama.
6) Florida--Surprisingly they needed some last minute heroics to beat Louisiana-Lafayette. Trap games like that can easily sabotage a whole season.
7) LSU--Yes LSU has two losses--by a total of twelve points. Yet there is still something fishy about this team and with games against Ole Miss and Arkansas left, they could be a 10-2 team, but nothing other than a good bowl left to play for.
8) Texas A&M--Now that's a career win for Kevin Sumlin. No longer will there be talk if the Aggies can cut it in the SEC or not...maybe Sumlin has them built for that exact purpose.
9) South Carolina
10) Florida State
11) Clemson--Except for a loss against Florida State, Clemson could still be rolling when they go to face South Carolina at the end of the season.
12) Oklahoma
13) Stanford
14) Nebraska--I'm not saying the football gods are with Nebraska this year, but they sure are smiling on them. For the Cornhuskers to possibly win the Big Ten in their second season in the conference when they weren't able to do it in the Big 12 says something. The Big Ten is really having the down year everyone else says they're having.
15) Texas
16) Oregon State
17) UCLA
18) USC--USC easily beat Arizona State, but things won't be easy in the end with games against UCLA and Notre Dame. With 3 losses already, it's not beyond the realm of thinking that they could have 5 losses at the end...and then Lane Kiffin will go berzerk and likely you'll hear his dad Monte Kiffin resign---although I doubt it would be voluntarily. 
19) Louisville--The Cardinals were absolutely dominated by Syracuse, a win the Orange are good for at least once a season. Yet USC with 3 losses are ahead of even the computers are saying that USC is still better than a one-loss Big East team.
20) Louisiana Tech
21) Michigan--For the second week in a row, Devin Gardner was able to step in and perform admirably in place of Denard Robinson. Garner insists that the team is still Denard's, but Michigan fans must be excited for what he might be bringing to the team next season. Michigan still needs to win out, and that includes an Ohio State game in Columbus. Let's begin to pray for that win and a Nebraska loss for the Wolverines to make it to Indy to face Wisconsin.
22) Rutgers
23) Texas Tech
24) Oklahoma State
25) Washington

---Michigan is also ranked in the AP Poll at No.23 where they are tied with Texas Tech

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