Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 12: Top Performers And Under Performers

There were plenty of great stories to be marveled on Saturday against Iowa, and here to shine the light on the top of that list. As always, a dimmer light will be put on those who didn't really live up to expectations.

Start with the positives, always.

Top Performers

1. Devin Gardner - QB

Devin Gardner has been putting together some magical shows for Wolverine fans over the past couple of weeks, and it has everyone very excited for the future. But it's not because of the potential that is there. He's displaying it already. We can see it.

Last week against Iowa, Gardner put up 314 yards through the air and only had 5 incompletions. It keeps getting more and more impressive from the relatively inexperienced Junior QB.

As he's shown the past couple of weeks, he has great football instincts, and everything is so fluent. He doesn't get rushed and has the unteachable skill of being able to extend plays. It was all on display against the Hawkeyes.

2. Jeremy Gallon - WR

As it's been all year, there really isn't one, consistent WR stepping up, but one guy is always able to put up a good performance, and that's the key. This week, it was Jeremy Gallon. We've seen it from him before this season, but he was especially electric on Saturday against Iowa.

Gallon had 133 yards on 5 catches last week, easily being the most reliable target. And we talk about that every week; how it's so important that someone steps up in that talented crew of WRs. It will be interesting to see who comes through for Gardner next week.

Under Performers

1. Thomas Rawls - RB

Thomas Rawls has been letting down lately, and it's reason to be concerned because of the season-ending injury to Fitz Toussaint. This team needs a running game that is not Denard Robinson; at least a threat. Rawls has shown that he can be that guy, but not so much lately.

22 yards on 8 carries just won't cut it against most teams. Fortunately for him, the Iowa defense couldn't figure out how to contain the arm of Gardner and legs of Robinson at the same. But what if Ohio State can crack the code. Rawls would be needed more than ever in that case.

2. Devin Funchess - TE

Let me clear this up. I'm not saying I was disappointed with the play of Devin Funchess on Saturday. But I think he is capable of being a bigger threat in the pass game, especially now that Gardner is slinging the ball around. We're just waiting to see it again.

It's no secret that Funchess makes his money in the redzone with that big body and tremendous hands, so I'll be looking for him on Saturday in that situation to be a huge factor.

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