Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 13 Rankings

It's gotten to the point where I watch games from multiple angles. Take the Ohio State-Michigan game for instance. I was upset that Michigan lost. I was upset that Michigan lost due to turnovers and stale play calling in the second half. I was upset Denard wasn't on the field for the last few plays of the game which I think he certainly earned. However, as much as it pained to admit, I was ready to give credit to the Buckeyes for going undefeated, albeit in a sanctioned shortened season. Although the Buckeyes were never spectacular on offense or defense during the season, they made it through without a loss. Then they decided to honor the 2002 national championship team, with Jim Tressel in attendance, and then proceeded to carry him on their shoulders. To celebrate the man who did win consistently at Ohio State, but also brought the school to where it has been the last couple of seasons is ghastly. Free cars to players, free tattoos, and cover ups. I don't understand it myself and maybe it's because I'm a Michigan Man, and those values are not acknowledged in Columbus. Whatever the reason may be, it's a sign of how blind some people can be when it comes to college football.
Now, as we await the conference title games, one thing is for certain--Notre Dame is playing for the BCS championship. I don't think you could find too many people out there who thought it could happen, especially in Brian Kelly's 3rd season, but here it is and a lot of it is due to the stellar defense led by Manti Te'O. I think Johnny Manziel is great, but there is no bigger MVP or Heisman candidate this season other than Te'O. He is the primary reason the Irish are in this spot to begin with. It will come down to Alabama or Georgia as to who faces Notre Dame, and I'd have to put my money on the Tide.As far as the Florida situation goes, if the loser of the SEC championship falls below Florida, it could find itself out of the BCS picture altogether because the No. 3 team is guaranteed a BCS bowl bid and no more than two schools per conference can receive bids. It's not THE final poll of the season, but here's the newest BCS poll:

1) Notre Dame--Whether their opponent will be Alabama or Georgia, the Irish will be able to keep up with either of the SEC least that's what I've seen this season. The Irish are also the only team in the BCS era to make it to the championship game after being unranked in the preseason.
2) Alabama--For the second straight season, the Tide could be entering the championship game with one loss, which shows either prejudice on the pollsters part, or just how good they are.
3) Georgia--The Bulldogs have quietly had a great season, and statistically match up with the Tide pretty evenly. However, I'm sure the popularity contest would be won by the Tide, and would get bigger ratings than Georgia would.
4) Florida--They might not be playing for the almighty championship, but the Gators could again take a BCS spot. Remember in 2006 they surpassed Michigan while the Wolverines were done after the Ohio State game and were ranked No. 2 still, but since Florida won the SEC title, they jumped over Michigan in the standings to play Ohio State.
5) Oregon--If they hadn't lost to Stanford, I'm still not sure they'd have enough to make the title game, but they probably would have due to being undefeated. Now they'll probably be invited to the Fiesta Bowl for their BCS bid.
6) Kansas State--A possible opponent of Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl, they too were one loss away from the national championship. I'm sure they'd like a do-over against Baylor.
7) LSU
8) Stanford--The Cardinals run defense is certainly nothing to joke about, and they'll mostly likely face the winner of the Nebraska-Wisconsin Big Ten title game. Both Big Ten schools have a good running attack so Pasadena could be vicious for either one.
9) Texas A&M
10) South Carolina
11) Oklahoma--That was a close win over Oklahoma State in overtime. A little too close. 
12) Nebraska--With a dominating win over Iowa, the Huskers are going to the Big Ten title game in only their 2nd season in the conference. 
13) Florida State
14) Clemson
15) Oregon State--Did not move down a spot after losing to Oregon...odd.
16) UCLA--Where Jonathan Franklin goes, so does this team and an unfortunate loss against Stanford only took them to 3rd in the conference standings. Now they have to play them again in the conference game--ouch.
17) Kent State--If the Golden Flashes beat Northern Illinois this weekend, they could be the first MAC team ever to earn a BCS bid. I think as deep as this conference is this season that would be a great thing.
18) Texas
19) Michigan--To say Michigan had a mediocre season would be accurate. The 4 teams they lost to have a combined 3 losses, but the Wolverines never seemed to raise the bar against better teams. Hopefully Brady Hoke will have better luck next season when most of RichRod's players leave, and his become starters.
20) Boise State--Depending on how the Broncos do in their conference game against Nevada, they could also be a BCS busting team. 
21) Northern Illinois--OK so Manziel and Te'O will probably go 1-2 in the Heisman trophy voting, but if QB Jordan Lynch doesn't get any nods then that's a shame. Look at his stats---he's a beast.
22) Northwestern--The Wildcats could easily vie for a spot on a New Years Day bowl game, which  would be a benchmark season for Fitzgerald and Co.
23) Oklahoma State
24) Utah State
25) San Jose State

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