Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Quick Heads Up

I'm writing this because I'd like to thank all of the followers from the site for the loyalty and all of the views. This was my first real gig covering recruiting and I like to think I did a decent job at being truthful and not stealing any info and calling it my own. I think that's a big factor in something such as being a blogger.  Well, for those of you that don't know I'm Active Duty in the Navy and on December 5th I am deploying to Japan for about 6 months and while I'll still be doing recruiting for the blog it might be a little bit before I post something until I get settled over in Japan and get my internet and everything set up. So I don't want people to think this is me quitting it's just me giving everyone that follows the blog a heads up that I won't be doing some posts for a little bit until I get my feet on the ground in Japan.  I'm working on getting someone to help out but don't think that the site stopped covering recruiting it just may be a bit before something new comes up.  I appreciate the patience and the loyalty to the site.

As always Go Blue!


  1. Best of luck to you while you are in Japan.
    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    US Navy 95-04

  2. Good luck and thanks for serving!