Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introduction to 2013 ATH Eriq Baird

Photo Credit: Eriq's Twitter Page

 Last night on twitter I noticed that current 2013 Commit Logan Tuley-Tillman tweeted that a teammate of his would be accompanying him on a visit this weekend to Michigan.  I did a bit of research and Eriq is the team's "do it all" player.  He's 6'0" and 176 pounds so he has pretty decent size but he literally plays about every position.  His highlight had him at QB, RB, WR, S, CB, and also returning kicks on special teams.  He's great with the ball in his hands but also has great instincts in the defensive secondary and swarms to the football.  I was a bit confused after watching his tape as to why he was unsigned so I decided to reach out to Eriq and here's what he had to say.

Hoke's Mad Magicians:  So you're visiting with Logan Tuley-Tillman this weekend.  Have you been hearing from the coaches at all?
Eriq:  I haven't heard from them yet and it's my first time meeting them this weekend.  I'm excited to get up there.

HokeMM:  What schools are showing you the most interest?
Eriq:  Illinois State and multiple D-2 Schools.

HokeMM:  So your highlight tape was impressive you literally played everywhere haha. Do you prefer to play offense or defense?
Eriq:  Thanks, I love both but I really like to play corner and special teams. 

HokeMM:  Is this a full weekend visit or just one day inparticular?
Eriq:  Just Sunday because I have a basketball tournament on Saturday.

HokeMM:   So what are you most trying to accomplish on the visit? 
Eriq:  Really just to meet the coaches and to show my talent to all of the coaches at the showcase.  It's for seniors that are currently unsigned.  Plus it helps with basketball haha.

HokeMM:  So do you get more looks for football or for basketball?
Eriq:  Definitely for football but my coach tells me that I could go D-1 for basketball.  I love football though.

HokeMM:  So do you have any offers yet?
Eriq:  No offers yet but Illinois State is supposedly offering me in December.  My coach tells me there are alot of schools that like me but just waiting to offer.  He definitely tells me the offers will start coming in so I'm just waiting it out.

That was pretty much it but as you can see Eriq doesn't hold any offers but he does say there are schools with interest.  I'll attach the highlight tape and I am somewhat surprised as to why he doesn't hold many offers.  Maybe the experts don't favor him too much but he isn't the smallest guy being 6'0" and 176 he can always add the weight once he gets to college.  Michigan has had success in using the smaller guys such as Jeremy Gallon.  I'm not saying the coaches will extend him an offer or anything this weekend giving the limited number of spots but he definitely does have the talent to play at the next level and with a showcase like this you never know what will happen.  I'll be in touch with Eriq after the visit to see how things went.

The link below is to Eriq's highlight tape for some reason I was unable to get it to copy into my post so just copy and paste into your browser.

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