Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Recruiting Carousel

It's that magical time of year where we try to celebrate with our friends and family throughout the Christmas holiday and New Years. It's also that time of year where the bowl season is about to start but this isn't about the bowls, or even specifically Big Ten bowls. No, this is about the ever changing carousel that is college football recruiting. Recruiting is a year long process, and it never stops. Think of all the times so far this year you've seen the ESPN 150 rankings come out. I'm not an expert on recruiting, nor will I ever be but this is almost becoming comical. With the advent of social media now, the general public will interact with recruits and voicing their pleasure or displeasure about their commitments. Blogs such as this one and many others will analyze and fret over a decision that one kid makes. We can never know how that kid will perform once he's on the college football field, but nonetheless fans want what they want. Here's a couple major things going on for the 2013 class at Michigan. And remember, it's all fluid until Signing Day in February.

1. David Dawson--I believe it was Sam Webb who broke the news story first, but it looks as though Dawson has recommitted to Michigan today. Now after his first verbal commit, he wanted to go check out Florida, and there were also rumors of Ohio State and Michigan State being involved in his recruitment. Now with 4* safety and Cass Tech teammate Delano Hill decommitting from Iowa, and choosing Michigan, I'm guessing that's what helped push Dawson back towards Michigan. Dawson decommitted in October after his first pledge to UM hoping to explore other visits and even told the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday he would visit Ohio State and Alabama. Those are unlikely to occur now. Brady Hoke still has the policy of not wanting verbal commits to visit other schools once they've chosen Michigan and pulling their scholarship offer, but it looks as though it'll happen anyway. What does this mean for the 2013 class? It's huge--now count Dawson, Chris Fox, Kyle Bosch, Patrick Kugler, Logan Tuley-Tillman, and even long-snapper Scott Sypniewski who could also play on the O-Line as members of the class and all but Sypniewski are 4* players. (Dawson is rated at the Rivals' No. 6 national offensive guard. Hill is the No. 23 safety nationally).

2. Derrick Green--OK so after the two recent commitments today, we're left to ask what next? With the NCAA and Big Ten rules, Michigan is still able to sign three more prospects in this class, so this can leave a lot of options for 3 spots. Obviously in everyone's mind are the prospects of getting both Green and Treadwell. Green was looking at some SEC schools, particularly Auburn...yet with Auburn hiring Gus Malzahn who prefers the spread and Green wanting a more pro-style offense, Michigan is looking better and better every day. His other top choice was Tennessee and with their recent downturn and coaching change it's iffy at best he'd end up there. Miami was also a choice but they're still dealing with NCAA violations. Keep in mind that with Toussaint's leg injury, Stephen Hopkins leaving the team, and Dennis Norfleet being moved to the secondary, Green would most certain be given playing time.

3. Laquon Treadwell--As far as Treadwell goes, I'm not even sure he knows what to do. He had an official visit with Oklahoma today, but if he came to Michigan he'd be a boost to a wide receiving corps that already lacks in depth. Michigan was once the leader on his list, but recently Ole Miss, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State have also entered the picture and seem to be higher on his list. There are still 3 WRs committed in 2013 with Da'Mario Jones, Jaron Dukes, and Csont'e York, but neither of those 3 bring to the table what Treadwell can. Other receiving choices are Robert Foster from Monaca, PA (4*), and Kendall Beckwith from Jackson, FL (4*). I'm not saying either one is a good possibility but Michigan has been successful in recruiting from Pennsylvania so if Treadwell doesn't work out, Foster could be a good choice. Either way, Treadwell's entire recruiting process is kind of like Cedar Point--one roller coaster after another and he can't decide which one is his favorite.

4. Leon McQuay--One of the last choices and would still make Michigan happy, is McQuay. The 5* defensive back from Florida has shown interest in Michigan, especially since he plans on majoring in music, but he's also favoring Vanderbilt, which being in Nashville also has a strong music program. One other problem is that he also has USC at the top of his list, and since Max Redfield decommitted from the Trojans, McQuay could be headed to California as well. Things don't look too promising on the Michigan side of this one, but it's not written in concrete either.

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  1. How is Foster a possibility at WR when there has been little to no contact with him, he hasnt visited, and has named other schools in his top list, not mentioning us? Are you just grasping for a talented name? Theres no smoke on this one to be fire yet